(The Other Israel) URGENT // Demand release of peaceful protesters \\ Two message re same:

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 29/09/2004 - 18:14

after joint demo in Budrus 16 Israelis, 2 Palestinians and 1 Internationals still under arrest

1) call for support + background from the Rabbis
2) call for protest letters (addresses included) from ISM

The Other Israel
September 29, 2004

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From: "Rabbis For Human Rights"

FW: Arrests in Budrus - Volunteers needed

Tue, 28 Sep 2004

Dear Friends and Supporters

As you recall, non-violent action in Budrus successfuly saved some 3,000 trees and moved the Barrier close to the Green Line. However, even if we are talking now about relatively small amounts of land. (I have heard 20 dunam or so), this can be all the world to the families that own that land. As before, the villagers have been going out to demonstrate on an almost daily basis, often with participation of "Anarchists Against the Wall." Whereas the army backed down previously, they have been much more violent this time. I have also seen at least one picture of Palestinians throwing stones. I don't know how indicative this is and whether they are not as disciplined this time.
(Previously there was very little stone throwing, although I can't say none.)

Today, Ta'ayush also went out to demonstrate after the villagers received a threat that the security forces would be much more violent if there was "one more demonstration." There was an entirely nonviolent demonstration at the outskirts of the village. At the end there was stone throwing. The border police were apparently waiting for this and jumped out from various points with the intent of arresting as many Israelis as possible.

16 Israelis, 2 Palestinians and 2 Internationals were arrested. As far as I know, some people were hit but I haven't heard about any serious injuries.



Possibly as a result of our pressure Itamar Cohen was evicted today from the Palestinian village of Gawaweis in the South Hebron Hills which he had taken over. Now we have to ensure that the Palestinians will be allowed to return (not certain) Near Hawara olive trees were burned and at the same time security forces began to evict settlers from Palestinian homes that had been taken over a few years ago. This afternoon Idit Lev, our new economic justice person will be on the English news (although she is a native born Israeli) talking on behalf of the Forum of Organizations Fighting Unemployment about the recent rise in the unemployment figures.

I will send an olive harvest update in a separate email.

Khag Sameakh,

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To: palsolidarity@yahoogroups.com

From: "International Solidarity Movement"

Tue, 28 Sep 2004

(palsolidarity) Action Alert Update: Arrests and ISM Activists Beaten

ISM Media Office

Please call the officials below and contact your own representatives and media

International Solidarity Movement Activists Beaten
Palestinian Non-Violent Activist and German National Arrested
Israelis Targeted by Israeli Army

Today, at 1:00PM, residents of Budrus, joined by internationals and at least 15 Israelis marched to protest the Wall and to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the second Intifada.

Palestinian Non-violent Activist, Mansour was arrested and beaten.

A German national, Areane was also arrested when she joined a group of internationals that tried to keep Mansour from being beaten and arrested.

ISM activists beaten; Israelis and Palestinian Targeted for Arrest

According to ISM activists, about 20 internationals, Israelis and Palestinian activist Mansour were rounded up by Israeli soldiers as they attempted to leave the demonstration. The Israeli soldiers told them they were all under arrest.

When Dave, an ISM activist from the United States, asked why they were arrested the soldiers began beating him on the back and neck. They then began beating Erik from Sweden and Kevin from Scotland. All three ISM activists sustained injuries to the back and neck. Kevin was also hit in the eye.

After the activists were hit, they were sprawled out on the ground. They were told to stand and one of the soldiers spoke to Dave in Hebrew. When he responded that he spoke only English the soldier told him, "then get the *** out of here." At that point the Israeli soldiers released all the non-Israelis and arrested Mansour, a Palestinian activist and the Israelis.

According to Dave, it was clear that they were after Mansour and the Israeli activists.

Please contact the officials below and demand that Mansour be released immediately!

Demand that all arrested be released without charges!

Peace activists and non-violent protests can not be criminalized!

ISM Statement:

The International Solidarity Movement upholds the legitimate right of Palestinians to resist an illegal colonial occupation. This right is enshrined in international law and applies to all peoples under foreign occupation, including Palestinians.

In the last two weeks hundreds of Palestinians, and dozens of internationals, including Israelis, have protested non-violently the destruction and theft of Palestinian lands for the construction of the Israeli Apartheid Wall found illegal by the International Court of Justice.

The response to peaceful, non-violent resistance from the Israeli army and border police has been escalating violence in the form of beatings, arrests, tear gas, bullets and concussion grenades. Numerous injuries have resulted.

The Israeli government condemns violence and simultaneously brutally oppresses any form of non-violent resistance. In addition, the Israeli legal system criminalizes non-violent resistance and is targeting internationals, and especially Israelis who join Palestinians in their peaceful demonstrations to protest the Wall.

Please call or fax the officials below and demand the brutal repression of non-violent resistance and protest stop immediately and that all arrested Palestinians, Israelis and internationals be released without charges.

If you outside of occupied Palestine or Israel, please contact your local representatives and media channels.

For more information:

ISM Media Office: 972-2-277-4602 or 547-358-579

Please contact one or more the following:

Ministry of Public Security, Gideon Ezra
Kiryat Hamemshala
P.O.B. 18182
Jerusalem 91181
Tel: 972-2-5309999
Fax: 972-2-5847872
Website: http://www.mops.gov.il/

Israel Police Website: http://www.police.gov.il
Israel Prison Service Hahistadrut 5
Tel: 972-2-6225222
Website: http://www.ips.gov.il

Ministry of the Interior, Avraham Poraz
2 Kaplan St.
P.O.B. 6158
Kiryat Ben-Gurion
Jerusalem 91061
Tel: 972-2-6701411
Fax: 972-2-6701628
Website: http://www.moin.gov.il/ (Hebrew)

Ministry of Justice, Yosef Lapid 29 Salah A-din St.
Jerusalem 91010
Tel: 972-2-6708511
Fax: 972-2-6288618
Website: http://www.justice.gov.il

Ministry of Defense, Shaul Mofaz Kaplan St.
Tel-Aviv 61909
Tel: 972-3-5692010
Fax: 972-3-6916940
Website: http://www.mod.gov.il

Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon 3 Kaplan St.
P.O.B. 187
Kiryat Ben-Gurion
Jerusalem 91919
Tel: 972-2-6705555
Fax: 972-2-6512631
Website: http://www.pmo.gov.il
E-mail: pm_eng@pmo.gov.il

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