Our leaders skuttle our kids futures

Submitted by anne goddard on Wed, 28/03/2007 - 17:04

Bob Brown (Green's) motion endorsing the Australian Council of Trade Unions' action plan on climate change was voted down by Labor and the Coalition in the Senate on Monday the 26th of March.

I am particularly disappointed in the Democrats (who say that they are in power to help keep the B's honest), who abstained from voting.

The ACTU's motion reads:
That the Senate endorses the climate change action plan proposed by the Australian Council of Trade Unions, including its call for:

  1. government subsidies for energy efficient retrofitting of buildings;
  2. mandatory green building codes
  3. large-scale reuse of treated effluent
  4. improved vehicle fuel efficiency
  5. greater use of shipping to cute greenhouse gas emissions
  6. the right to reject work which harms the environment
  7. a mandatory renewable energy target of 10 per
    cent, as called for by the Greens in 2002

To vote down such a motion simply goes beyond my comprehension.
Surely our elected representatives can see that the taxpayers of this
country want action to mitigate climate change NOW.

We can only hope that our elected "representatives" will understand the voters displeasure at the next Federal Election.  If not, I hope the people of this once great nation are ready to kiss their children's futures goodbye.

Anne Goddard



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