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Creative energies are being ploughed into a plethora of new websites as the anti-Howard campaign gathers steam ahead of the October 9 federal election. Here is a summary of the best and wittiest of them.


September 25, 2004

The most comprehensive collection of lies told by the Howard government since coming to office in 1996 - a very long list!

This is a tongue-in-cheek anti-Howard website. It states:

"Although we realise it's hard to get addicted to question time in parliament, we hope that many of you are just a little down that slippery John's policies make any notion of Australia as a `fair and decent society' a thing of the distant past."

Downloads include a how-to guide for making your own protest T-shirt using gaffa tape and a marker pen.

There's a "Honk out Howard" bumper sticker, a Howard the rodent screen saver, and there are a fabulous series of Howard dingbats.

Has some great "Howard's Army" cammo shirts and tees emblazoned with L*I*E*S. "It's like a M*A*S*H shirt, only way cooler." Also "I'd rather be voting" handbag, and jocks and undies with the slogan "Vote Liberal? My arse!"

A wry commentary on the perceived disinterest in the political process that allowed the Howard government to stay in power. A snappy little video clip.

The site's creators state: "Howard has endangered the lives of Australians by participating in an illegal war. His current policies not only encourage terrorism, but he has pushed our country to the top of the terrorists' hit-list. Meanwhile hundreds of Iraqis die each week.

What a disaster." You can also download the song "Vote Howard Out", a rap using the PM's own words. Very catchy.

A fabulous game, modelled on Donkey Kong, which puts you in the shoes of Xanana Gusmario (a.k.a. East Timorese president Xanana Gusmao) as he tries to stop Donkey John from stealing East Timor's oil.

Download the "Ballad of John Howard's Fifty-first State".

The dancing Johnny and malleable John Howard face at http://www.ny.com.au are good for a bit of fun.

Another spoof site. Liars For Howard campaigns in support of the PM's right to lie to the Australian people on any issue big or small.

Includes a summary of the Howard government's record in every major policy area.

Educational wooden toys. Profits will be donated to Greens candidate Andrew Wilkie's campaign in Howard's seat of Bennelong.

This site is running a competition to create the best slogan expressing why it is time for Howard's end. The best entry will be printed onto 5000 fridge magnets and distributed in Howard's seat of Bennelong in the days leading up to the federal election.

None of the websites offer much of a critique of the two-party system - the Labor-Liberal see-saw. The Coalition has maintained its support inpart because the Labor Party appears to be nothing more than a pale imitation. Many people want to be inspired and convinced that a real alternative is possible. That's why you should also check out these websites:

Details of End the Lies rallies planned around Australia for the October 1-3 weekend. Vote with your feet to increase the political heat!



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