(Oz-Gov-Corruption) NSW Independent MP Tony Windsor was not the only person offered a bribe by the Libs not to stand.

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Media Release Dated September 21 2004

In 1999, corruption author Raymond Hoser was offered a bribe not to stand in the Frankston East by election as an independent.

A year later Raymond Hoser put out a media release stating the same facts and referred the matter to the Australian electoral commission, who later ruled that such practices were allowed and apparantly OK by them.

See the relevant media release from 5 Jan 2001 which was ignored by the tabloid media.

It is still online at: http://www.smuggled.com/MedRel65.htm or more importantly the more detailed release of 3 December 2000 at: http://www.smuggled.com/MedRel61.htm

The media release remains on the "smuggled.com" server
(http://www.smuggled.com and mirrors).

If the AFP are going to take action in relation to the Tony Windsor material, then they should also take action in relation to the earlier indiscretions documented by Hoser relating to both the ALP and the Liberals.

More information is available by phoning 0412 777222

Whistleblowers Australia

The text of: http://www.smuggled.com/MedRel61.htm is below:



In the wake of numerous "cash-for-votes" stories this week, Raymond Hoser, the first Independent Candidate in the Frankston-East by-election has confirmed that he too was offered money in return for his preferences by both major parties.

Hoser's book, "Victoria Police Corruption" (released on 2 August 1999) forced the Kennett government to call an early election, and with about 1,000 copies sold in Geelong alone (lost by the Libs by 16 votes) is generally regarded as the ultimate cause of the demise of the Kennett government, in September last year.

Immediately following the September election, Hoser nominated himself as the only independent candidate for the Frankston East supplementary election.

He remained the only independent candidate to have nominated up to the second week of the campaign, whereupon about a dozen others nominated.

Hoser was approached by both major parties who offered to print his "how-to-vote" cards in return for Hoser giving them their preferences.

Yesterday Hoser was shown on Channel Nine News saying that he was receptive to the offers on the basis that he'd receive the other party's first preferences in return.

Hoser also told channels Nine and ABC TV that within days of nominating, someone from the Liberal side offered Hoser money in return for withdrawing his candidature. Hoser asked how much he'd be paid to which he was told "$1,000 cash", to which Hoser replied he'd need at least $20,000 to $30,000, whereupon he was told that if he took the money, he'd have to keep it secret.

Hoser refused to guarantee confidentiality, but said that he was prepared to keep it secret until after the by-election.

On 7 October 1999 Hoser and other's who'd nominated as independents met at Seaford for a photo shoot by the Frankston Independent newspaper. One of the candidates had copies of the Liberal and Labor how-to-vote cards that had been registered with the Australian Electoral Commission earlier that day.

It appeared that they two had done an arrangement designed to shut out all the independents, by effectively placing all the candidates in reverse order to one another's party.

It is effectively impossible that such a complimentary arrangement could have been arrived at by chance.

Hoser was placed midway on both forms, thereby guaranteeing him no hope of success in the by-election.

It was then that he called off his supporters and save for media appearances, gave up campaigning in Frankston. (Hoser's poor showing in the poll reflected the fact that no money was spent campaigning, a mainstream media black-out on reporting on him or his policies and that no one handed out how-to-vote cards for him on election day).

However, in the early stages of the campaign Hoser was regarded as a very serious threat, and through Steve Price on radio 3AW (in photo to the left), a concerted character assassination campaign was carried out.

Price and a series of set-up and stacked callers vilified and defamed Hoser, falsely accusing him of serious criminal and other offences.

Callers in favor of Hoser were screened out and not allowed on air.

However a number of dissatisfied callers then called Hoser to advise him of Price's free Volvo and other alleged Contra-for-comment arrangements.

When 3AW refused to apologize to Hoser for the defamation, Hoser wrote letters to the papers about 3AW's actions. 3AW's lawyers stopped the letters being printed in Melbourne, but were unable to do so in Sydney and Perth. They also threatened Hoser with a lawsuit.

Hoser then put Price into the ABA who in turn launched an inquiry into Price. The allegations by Hoser against Price were found proven as correct, as were further independent allegations against Price in his role as program manager.

However Price wasn't punished by the ABA as the actions in the main fell out of ABA jurisdiction.

In terms of the offers by the major parties to print Hoser's how-to-vote cards in the Frankston-East by election, Hoser said he was initially advised by several journalists to approach the major parties to do this and led to believe that this was normal in politics.

Even now Hoser said he didn't think it was seriously wrong or at least not in the context of far greater electoral frauds being perpetrated by the major parties.

Hoser said "a greater scandal was how I was effectively blackballed by elements of the so-called mainstream media who actively support the two-party system and who didn't want a free-thinking anti-corruption candidate or independent to get up."

Hoser said "The public are sick and tired of corrupt Liberal and Labor politicians who simply line their own pockets and lie to the public.

They want to vote for someone who represents decency. However the media refuse to tell them that people like this (including myself) are even standing for election."

By way of example the Herald-Sun never once mentioned Raymond Hoser by name in a story during the entire campaign, even though for the first ten or so days of the campaign, he was the only nominated independent.

Steve Price of 3AW attacked Hoser's credibility with lies in order to dissuade those who were otherwise disenchanted with the major parties and is on the record as describing Hoser as a "whacko", thereby improperly trying to place him in the fruitcake basket along with Elvis spotters and UFO Worshippers.

Hoser said "These matters as well as certain corporate donations to major parties, in return for contracts and the like, as documented in the book "Victoria Police Corruption" make the current how-to-vote card scandals look like a Sunday picnic.

For further inquiries phone: (Within Australia) 0412 777 211
Or go to:
and http://www.raymondhoser.com
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