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1) Army wounds 17 residents and International Peace Activists near Jenin

2) Hezbollah warns Israel against harming the Aqsa Mosque

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Friday, July 30, 2004

1) Army wounds 17 residents and International Peace Activists near Jenin Saed Bannoura

IMEMC Agencies

July 28, 2004

Soldiers wounded, Wednesday evening, seventeen Palestinian and foreign peace activists in the village of Ya'bod, south of Jenin, north of the West Bank , during a protest against military roadblocks in the area, especially on the main road leading to Ya'bod erected since three years.

Media Spokeswoman of the International Solidarity Movement, Jumana, said that the movement participated in the peaceful procession in order to protest closing the main road and in protest to the military policy of closure and siege. Jumana added that soldiers hurled gas bombs and concussion grenades at the protestors causing 17 injuries, 7 among the wounded are ISM activists. Three among them were hospitalized, while four other received field medical treatment and first aid.

The nationalities of the International activists wounded are, American, Swedish, and Irish. Jumana said that the activists came in order to protest the military assaults and invasions and the construction of the Separation wall in the west Bank, and stressed the Palestinian right of freedom and independence.

Army on the other hand claimed that the protestors hurled stones at the soldiers, and claimed that soldiers responded with tear gas and shock grenades.

In several previous demonstrations, doctors confirmed that symptoms of nerve gas was used against the demonstrators as some of the wounded suffered from sever choking and stiffed muscles in the arms and legs

It is worth mentioning that army repeatedly attacked several peaceful protests in the West Bank causing injuries and deaths among International and local activists Army, in several cases, fired at protests while knowing that Israeli peace activists were among the protestors.


2) Hezbollah warns Israel against harming the Aqsa Mosque George Rishmawi
http://www.imemc.org/headlines/2004/July/week4/072904/hezbollah- warn.htm

IMEMC Agencies

July 29, 2004

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, secretary General of Hezbollah warned Israel against any harm to be done for the Aqsa Mosque by Jewish extremists of the direst consequences.

Nasrallah was commenting on Public Security Minister Tzachi Hanegbi's statement over the weekend that there was a growing threat of such an attack.

Hanegbi said he did not know of a specific plot to attack the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound - the third holiest shrine in Islam - but intelligence assessments said the danger of such an action was growing.

Hanegbi said Jewish fanatics might attack the mosque to act as "a catalyst for change to the whole political process." Nasrallah said, "The Israelis must be made to understand that the destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque would result in the destruction of the Zionist entity [Israel]."

Hezbollah leader said such warnings against the holy mosque have to be taken seriously as it came from inside the Israeli government.

"The warning had to be taken seriously because it came from a member of [Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon's right-wing government, which certainly knows what is going on behind the scenes in Zionist extremism" Nasrallah said. Nasrallah warned of proactive action against Israel, because once the mosque is destroyed, any action after it is too late.

"We should not wait lazily until the event takes place and then cry and beat our faces," Nasrallah said. "From today, positions should be taken, and messages sent, that will make them not even dare to think of embarking on such an act."

Fearing possible riots, Jerusalem Police Chief Ilan Franco decided Tuesday that Jews would not be allowed on Haram Al-Sharif plaza. The decision includes members of the Temple Mount Faithful group, who requested permission to conduct an annual ceremony at the holy site.

Under an agreement with the Waqf Islamic Trust, (The body responsible for the Islamic holy sites in the Holy Land), non- Muslims can tour the site, as long as they do not conduct public ceremonies, such as those intended by the Temple Mount Faithful, who want to rebuild the Temple.

Traditionally, the police have denied the group entry to the plaza. However, on various past occasions, some of the group members managed to enter the plaza and riots erupted as a result. Hezbollah's warning was not the only one on this issue. Dr. Ikrimeh Sabri, Sheikh of Jerusalem and Chair of the High Islamic Commission, warned against attacks against Moslems and Islamic holy sites, making special reference to the possible attack on the Aqsa Mosque.

On the other hand, the former chief of Shin Bet, Karmi Gilon told Israel Radio, "If the right wing in Israel would do such an attack against the temple mount, the chances are that the entire Islamic world and millions of Iranians would be mobilized to attack Israel which could be the end of the State of Israel."

"There should be limits to the game; people must understand the importance of keeping the Aqsa Mosque out of this game. The police and the security forces should do everything possible including administrative detention to prevent such a plot to be implemented," Gilon added, saying the Shabak and the police clearly understand that if one stone drops form the Dome of the Rock, it will kill with it forever any chance for peace in this region.



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