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Quote: YOUR Vote for a party politician will be a vote against yourself and your children.

Most if not all Australian party politicians are ignoramuses and cowards. They have been hand picked by the unscrupulous party leaders for their distinct lack of integrity.

anthony leeQueensland
To: Bob.McMullan.MP@aph.gov.au

September 2, 2004

"The vested interests - if we explain the situation by their influence - can only get the public to act as they wish by manipulating public opinion, by playing either upon the public's indifference, confusions, prejudices, pugnacities or fears. And the only way in which the power of the interests can be undermined and their maneuvers defeated is by bringing home to the public the danger of its indifference, the absurdity of its prejudices, or the hollowness of its fears; by showing that it is indifferent to danger where real danger exists; frightened by dangers which are nonexistent." Sir Norman Angell 1872 - 1967

"Iniquity, committed in this world, produces not fruit immediately, but, like the earth, in due season, and advancing by little and little, it eradicates the man who committed it. ...justice, being destroyed, will destroy; being preserved, will preserve; it must never therefore be violated." Manu 1200 bc

I will be harsh as truth, and as uncompromising as justice. On this subject I do not wish to think, or speak, or write, with moderation. No! no! Tell a man whose house is on fire to give a moderate alarm; tell him to moderately rescue his wife from the hands of the ravisher; tell the mother to gradually extricate her babe from the fire into which it has fallen; but urge me not to use moderation in a cause like the present.: William Lloyd Garrison (1805 - 1879)


YOUR Vote for a party politician will be a vote against yourself and your children.

Most if not all Australian party politicians are ignoramuses and cowards. They have been hand picked by the unscrupulous party leaders for their distinct lack of integrity.

The present party politic has been formed on the pretext that all ways and means of relieving the middle and lower classes of their wealth must be implemented. The Elites, specially selected and ruled over by the King Rats, Murdoch and Packer, leave nothing to chance. They tell us we live in a democracy but would never tell us why our families and children are continually being crucified.

Australia was once a decent place to live. So decent it was called the "Lucky Country". Families prospered under the leadership of Joseph Benedict Chifley.

Who, you might ask, was J.B. Chifley? Chifley was the first post war leader who gave families two per cent Government home loans. After Chifley died the rot for families set in under Menzies and continues to the present day. The Government could still give two per cent home loans but they have a different agenda. They destroy families because most of the paedophiles and child molesters that exist graduate to positions of power and they have no inclination to change existing conditions. The elites also are happy with the desperate situation of families as they can control the milking of the community so much easier. They blackmail the powerful sickoes into doing what they want and not what the community needs. Perhaps someone could ask our present party politicians why Government two per cent home loans no longer exist; and why people have to wait in an ever growing queue for a government house. It is now an eleven year wait for families to gain access to a government home. If this represents good government then one might ask – good for whom?

Much information regarding Chifley can be found on the website; http://groups.msn.com/WelcometoFREEDOMFORKIDS/

Here is a reminder to let Mark Latham know the real issues on what this election is about.

Labor promises to tackle poverty

Opposition Leader Mark Latham has pledged to put poverty at the top of a future Labor government's priorities list after a report found four million Australians struggling to make ends meet.

Mr Latham said if he wins office at this year's election, he would call a Council of Australian Governments meeting to discuss the growing problem of poverty.

It follows a Senate inquiry which found around 3.6 million people survive on less than $400 a week.

Around 700,000 children now live in homes where no parent has a full-time job.

In 1990, the report found 11.3 per cent of the population were living in poverty. By 2000, the proportion had climbed to 13 per cent.

The report, A Hand Up Not A Hand Out, recommended a national strategy to tackle poverty driven by a body, involving all levels of government and the community, reporting directly to the prime minister.

It also called for a rise in the minimum wage, boosts to allowances and pensions and better access to public housing, education and training and health services.

But the government has baulked at the committee's main recommendation, with Prime Minister John Howard saying recent changes to family payments plus growing full-time employment was directly benefiting the poor.

Australian Council of Social Service president Andrew McCallum welcomed the call for a national strategy and rejected the Government's view that job growth and micro-economic change was reducing the rich-poor divide. ©AAP 2004

Australian Troops Engaged In U.S.-led Covert Action In Iraq: Report

AFP: 8/28/2004

SYDNEY, Aug 28 (AFP) - A report claiming that specially trained Australian soldiers are taking part in US-led covert jobs in Iraq, including kidnapping and the "full gamut" of special operations, was "factually incorrect and misleading," the government said Saturday.

According to a lengthy report in the Australian Financial Review, around 30 to 40 Australian troops were engaged in the program and were supported by more than 200 personnel in back-up roles in the Middle East and Australia.

The troops were described as mainly "extremely fit young men" who already have training in the elite Special Air Service (SAS) or similar units.

The information had been confirmed by sources in Australia, the United States and France, the newspaper said, without specifying the sources.

The report contrasts with government claims that Australian forces are only carrying out a limited role in Iraq since most troops were withdrawn in May.

In a statement released Saturday, the Department of Defence challenged the report.

"The explicit assertion made that Australian troops belonging to a special operations unit, are operating in the Middle East area of operations and that this unit is part of a special operations group, is wrong," it said.

"From time to time, a small number of special forces are in Iraq on third country deployment, or providing protective security," it added.

The report comes ahead of a general election in which the government"s honesty is expected to be a key issue. The Review said the Labor opposition, which has vowed to bring troops home from Iraq, had not been briefed on the program.

According to the Financial Review, Australian members of the group are based at a location in one of the Gulf States. It said it had agreed not to disclose the location. An Australian civilian is in nominal control of the Australian contingent, but the program is run as part of a US special operations program, the newspaper said.

Despite French opposition to the Iraq invasion, training occurs on a base outside Paris used by France"s National Police Intervention Group (GIGN), it said.

Although a police unit, GIGN is similar to a military special forces team with a global counter-terrorist role. Instructors are from the covert action arm of the CIA and from GIGN staff, the newspaper said.

"The course includes instruction in assassination techniques which the Australian graduates have not yet been asked to put into practice, so far as can be ascertained," the newspaper said.

"However, Australian officials are aware that assassinations are carried out by other teams under French and US supervision."

It said the French target non-Iraqis designated as terrorists in the Middle East.

Although serving in the Australian army, the soldiers` fatigues give no indication of their units, the newspaper said.

Tax-free pay is up to 8,000 Australian dollars (5,626 US) a week, it said.

Tony Lee



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