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(Kindesmissbrauch) by German politicians and officials
Please take ten minutes or more to help Michael fight against the abuse of his human right to be a parent to his children by writing to the contacts below..


Dave Ellison

From: michael.l.hickman@t-online.de (michael hickman)
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2004
To: euro-dads@yahoogroups.com ,
"F4J Nederland" anja@f4j.nl ,
familyrights4europe@yahoogroups.com ,
"fathers with guts" f4jinternational@yahoogroups.co.uk ,
"VAfK-Mitglieder" vafk@kbx7.de

BSubject: Cover up of serious child abuse (Kindesmissbrauch) by German politicians and officials/B

I demand a full and thorough investigation of these very serious allegations of child abuse (Kindesmissbrauch). I will not accept another cover up to protect these child abusers(Kinderschänder)

I plead with those addressed in the blind copy to excert as much pressure as possible to stop this child abuse (Kindesmissbrauch) and violations of basic human rights. These child abusers (Kinderschänder) must be brought to book. Please pass this message on to any group or individual that may be able to help my children.

Here are some links covering this scandal from my website which have just been posted.




To inform the South African President and Government of serious child abuse, in particular on the part of the German grandfather and German grandmother that has been covered up since the abduction of my children to Germany by the German attorney and politician representing the German abducting parent as well as by other participants, in particular officials of the social services department  (Jugendamt) of the City of Wilhelmshaven, and the so called "attorney for the child" (Verfahrenspfleger) appointed by the court.

These serious allegations of child abuse must be fully investigated as a matter of extreme urgency.

This is a list of those directly involved with covering up these acts of child abuse.

antje warhonowicz antjewhz@t-online.de ;
BMJ Dr. Horst Heitland heitland-ho@bmj.bund.de ;
BMJ judge Eberhard Carl carl-eb@bmj.bund.de ;
CDU Dr. Uwe Biester MdL CDU info@biester-wilhelmshaven.de ;
claudia markworth Betreuungsbuero.Markworth@gmx.de ;
Pastor Harrack lutheran churchaltengroden Holger@Harrack.com ;
Pastor Dallas lutheran church cambridge cambridge@german-church.org ;
Wehnen Dr. Heinz Winterscheid Wehnen heinz.winterscheid@nlkh-wehnen.Niedersachsen.de ;
WHV Klaus Juerjens klaus.juerjens@stadt.wilhelmshaven.de ;
WHV Mayor Eberhard Menzel oberbuergermeister@stadt.wilhelmshaven.de ;
WHV Rita Eden-Reske rita.eden_reske@stadt.wilhelmshaven.de

This is a list of those who I have contacted and who have not contacted me for more details neither have they done anything that I know of to put a stop to the alleged child abuse. They have done nothing to put a stop to the activities of the perpetrators listed above. It would therefore appear that many of these people named support the abuse of young childen (Kindesmissbrauch), if not they would have immediately done something about the matter.

Amnesty Hakima Haithar Office Administrator: info@amnesty.org.za ;
Amnesty South Africa director@amnesty.org.za ;
angelica.schwall-dueren angelica.schwall-dueren@bundestag.de ;
bishop Peter Krug referat1-okr@ev-kirche-oldenburg.de ;
BMJ Alfred Hartenbach hartenbach-al@bmj.bund.de ;
BMJ Dr. Heger heger-ma@bmj.bund.de ;
BMJ Stoltenberg Stoltenberg-kl@bmj.bund.de ;
CDU Angela Merkel angela.merkel@cdu.de ;
CDU Bernd Rech info@toni-rech.de ;
CDU Michaela Noll michaela.noll@bundestag.de ;
CDU NS Bornstedt bornstedt@cdu-niedersachsen.de ;
CDU NS Engelhard engelhard@cdu-niedersachsen.de ;
CDU NS Etzmuss etzmuss@cdu-niedersachsen.de ;
CDU NS Fliess fliess@cdu-niedersachsen.de ;
CDU NS Fricke fricke@cdu-niedersachsen.de ;
CDU NS Glaeseker glaeseker@cdu-niedersachsen.de ;
CDU NS Info info@cdu-niedersachsen.de ;
CDU NS Kuckenbecker kuckenbecker@cdu-niedersacsen.de ;
CDU NS Lerch lerch@cdu-niedersachsen.de ;
CDU NS Post post@cdu-niedersachsen.de ;
CDU NS Ripke ripke@cdu-niedersachsen.de ;
CDU NS schultze schultze@cdu-niedesachsen.de ;
CDU NS Stiewe stiewe@cdu-niedersachsen.de ;
CDU NS Wulff wulff@cdu-niedersachsen.de ;
CDU Prof. Hans-Peter Mayer MdEP europa-mayer@t-online.de ;
CDU Wilhelmshaven geschaeftsstelle@cdu-wilhelmshaven.de ;
Dr Margot käßmann Landesbischoefin@evlka.de ;
Ger Gov german embassy pretoria germanembassypretoria@gonet.co.za ;
info@institut-fuer-menschenrechte.de info@institut-fuer-menschenrechte.de ;
joschka fischer Joschka.Fischer@Bundestag.de ;
Justizministerium Niedersachsen pressestelle@mj.niedersachsen.de ;
kinderkommission bundestag kinderkommission@bundestag.de ;
landtag Niedersachsen pressestelle@lt.niedersachsen.de ;
marieluise beck marieluise.beck@bundestag.de ;
marion fiedelak marion.fiedelak@stadt.wilhelmshaven.de ;
Olg Old Poststelle poststelle@olg-ol.niedersachsen.de ;
Osterthun, Silke Silke.Osterthun@olg-ol.niedersachsen.de ;
Rüdiger Meyer-Spelbrink meyer-spelbrink@vafk.de ;
SPD EURO Duin gduin@europarl.eu.int ;
SPD WHV Adam j.adam@spd.wilhelmshaven.de ;
SPD WHV Barkowsky h.barkowsky@spd-wilhelmshaven.de ;
SPD WHV Block v.block@spd-wilhelmshaven.de ;
SPD WHV Boether k.boether@spd-wilhelmshaven.de ;
SPD WHV Hartmann h.hartmann@spd-wilhelmshaven.de ;
SPD WHV Heide c.heide@spd-wilhelmshaven.de ;
SPD WHV Karin Evers-Meyer KArin.evers-meyer@bundestag.de ;
SPD WHV Neumann s.neumann@spd-wilhelmshaven.de ;
SPD WHV Ober-Bloibaum B.O-B@spd-wilhelmshaven.de ;
SPD WHV Schmidt n.schmidt@spd-wilhelmshaven.de ;
SPD WHV Szadkowski m.szadkowski@spd-wilhelmshaven.de ;
SPD WHV Unterbezirk unterbezirk@spd-wilhelmshaven.de ;
SPD WHV Van Der Ohe s.v-d-ohe@spd-wilhelmshaven.de ;
SPD WHV Weinstock h.weinstock@spd-wilhelmshaven.de ;
SPD WHV Will will@spd-wilhelmshaven.de ;
stefan.igelmann@heconet.org stefan.igelmann@heconet.org ;
wehnen M.Becker-Emner Marianne.Becker-Emner@nlkh-wehnen.Niedersachsen.de ;
WHV Britta Kappe britta.kappe@stadt.wilhelmshaven.de ;
WHV Ralf Janssen ralf.janssen@stadt.wilhelmshaven.de ;
wolfgang.thierse wolfgang.thierse@bundestag.de ;
CDU Prof poettering hpoettering@europarl.eu.int ;

Michael Hickman
Children's Rights and
Human Rights Activist
135 Torquay Avenue
Durban 4052
South Africa

I can presently be contacted at the following address and telephone numbers

Albrechtstrasse 100
26388 Wilhelmshaven

Tel: +49 4421 748 468
Mobile: +49 170 262 6659

BChild abduction is child abuse, which is a human rights violation/B

To learn more about international child abductions to Germany,
consult http://www.michael-hickman.org

Join fathers-4-justice international (f4jinternational] at:

Sluit u bij fathers-4-justice Nederland aan:

Fathers for Justice: http://www.fathers-4-justice.org

There are no problems, only solutions and opportunities. but the last bastion of discrimination is in Family Law, with the target being FATHERS WHO LOVE THEIR CHILDREN yet have been disenfranchised as a parent.

To air your grieves and find solutions, try some of the following Family Friendly, special interest, Self-Help Support Groups and Online Forums:

www.FatherStatus.org ,
www.MaleVictim.net ,
www.SelfRep.net ,
www.FamilyRules.net ,
www.Disenfranchised.net ,
www.StopPAS.info ,
www.CSAclients.net ,
www.MothersandFathers.info ,

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