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The recent drama at the Melbourne age goes to illustrate the many guises and  modes of what is generically referred to as feminism.

Some female journalists have alleged they are paid less than their male counterparts and that the Age employment policies are that of a "blokey" mens club that discriminates against women.

Yet, the Age newspaper is renowned for its left wing leanings to the point where it is often referred to as PRAVDA or a  radical feminist journal.  How come the inconsistency?


September 2, 2004

From dg / fwd via [recipient's list]

This is an illustration of  contrived feminism for commercial reasons. That is, anglo saxon heterosexual males in charge at the AGE decided to pursue and develop a female readership and found through market research that women readers liked to read articles which demonised and blamed men for everything whilst simultaneously casting women as victims and  absolving women from all of life's personal responsibilities.  To assist in this endeavor junior and borderline employable feminist writers were hired to churn out anti male pro feminist fluff pieces which was passed off as serious journalism.  These femi  fluff piece writers are today the ones who want to be paid the same as professional journalists.

Similarly, when we cast around for the most prominent and vocal feminist groups it is near impossible to discover any that are conceived, directed, managed and funded by feminists or even those with feminist sympathies.

Examples of white anglo saxon heterosexual men funding and directing feminist groups as fronts for various agenda are numerous however.

The feminist movement making shrill demands for better health care for women are funded by the drug companies.  Alleged medical experts who proclaim various health epidemics affecting women which require urgent attention and billions of tax payer dollars are likewise funded by drug companies.

Feminist action groups claiming women are disadvantaged in the workplace and deserving of special protection are funded by unions whose primary power brokers are all men.  These are therefore panic campaigns to attract more female union members.

The feminising of education was brought about by teachers unions wanting more power to engage in left wing ideological education of students and accepted this in lieu of pay rises and smaller class sizes.  All those who brokered the deal were heterosexual men.

All the many feminist groups who spread moral panic/anti male propaganda in regard to rape, child abuse, wife battering, divorce and child support issues are Government or politically funded and directed.  Political parties which are directed and controlled by heterosexual men.

Prominent social commentators similarly are indirectly in the pockets of one political party or the other typically being paid mysterious consultancy fees from various front organizations which allow the body politic to pay its propaganda spreaders.

To be sure, feminists are hired as a front for these groups but the money, direction and planning is all by heterosexual men.

The feminist movement does not exist as a movement financed and controlled by feminists.  It  is a fully politicised stalking horse for a small elite of heterosexual men using it for commercial and political advantage.

They must be doing very well out of this grand deception, as for middle class men and fathers... they are just unfortunate collateral damage.

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