(pacific_media_watch) 4492 GLOBAL: World Association of Press Councils imploding?

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Quote: PARIS (IPC Online/Pacific Media Watch): The Paris-based Independent Press Councils has posted website and email items speculating that the controversial World Association of Press Councils (WAPC) is "imploding"

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Title -- 4492 GLOBAL: World Association of Press Councils imploding?
Date -- 31 August 2004
Byline -- Media release
Origin -- Pacific Media Watch
Source -- Independent Press Councils, 31/8/2004
Copyright -- IPC
Status -- Unabridged


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PARIS (IPC Online/Pacific Media Watch): The Paris-based Independent Press Councils has posted website and email items speculating that the controversial World Association of Press Councils (WAPC) is "imploding".

The IPC website is dedicated to independent press councils and other "media accountability systems" (MAS) designed to defend freedom of the press.

The WAPC is a group of predominantly state-aligned press councils.

The IPC media releases said: "The president of the so-called World Association of Press Councils, Oktai Eksi of Turkey, has just circulated the following list:

PC which are definitely members of WAPC:
1- Indian Press Council
2- Turkish Press Council
3- Press Council of Israel
4- Kibris (TRNC) Press Council
5- Supreme Press Council of Egypt
6- Honolulu Community Media Council
7- Nepal Press Council
8- Media Council of Tanzania
9- Bangladesh Press Council
10-National Media Council of Ghana

Other press councils whose ties with the WAPC are not clear:
1- Press Council of Nigeria
2- British Columbia Press Council (Canada)
3- Fiji Media Council
4- Manitoba Press Council (Canada)
5- National Press Council of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
6- Sri Lanka Press Complaints Commission
7-Papua New Guinea Press Council"

"As far as can be ascertained, Kibris, Supreme Press Council of Egypt, Nepal Press Council and the Bangladesh Press Council are state-controlled.

"On the second list, the Nigeria Press Council is not functioning while the British Columbia, Fiji, Manitoba, Sri Lankan and PNG press councils are not members of WAPC.

"That leaves the WAPC with half a dozen true press councils as members," says the IPC website. "The time seems to have come for the association to self-terminate or else to 'change its spots' by excluding all governmental institutions."

In another item, headed "WAPC imploding?", the IPC website reported:

On August 31, 2004,

R.Gunasingam, Secretary General of WAPC, emailed around a large file starting with:

" Dear WAPC Members & Associates,

I refer to my e-mail dated 17th Aug.2004 & 24 Aug.2004 (copies are attached) regarding Mr.Oktay Eksi¹s letter involving the Tanzanian Conference and the conspiracy that he is involved with Mr.Chris Conybear of USA to politicise WAPC activity and transfer WAPC Secretariat to Turkey . The current action by Mr.Oktay Eksi is illegal and Unconstitutional .

Press Council Of Turkey & Honolulu Media Council paid subscription till year 2001. Both Councils are members not in benefit and non active. Therefore Mr.Oktay Eksi automatically ceased to be president- WAPC. Please ignore his letters misleading WAPC Members."

"It seems that WAPC is disintegrating, at which news all champions of the (independent) press council concept can only rejoice," IPC website stated.



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