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Welcome to the Papua New Guinea Gossip Newsletter -- 6th Nov 2004.


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** Tok Pisin **

Neo Melanesian - English
bilas = finery / jewellery / decoration
bilasim = decorate
bun = bone
bun i bruk = fracture / broken bone
bun nating = thin
de bilong malolo = day off
de bilong wok = workday
de = day
dukduk = ritual costume representing a spirit
gras / gras bilong het = hair
gras = grass
hariap = quick
hariap = hurry / hurry up
haus = building / house


** Links **

-- Lonely planet guide to PNG

-- National AIDS Council of PNG.

-- The Danish - Papua New Guinean Friendship Association

-- Department of Agriculture and Livestock

-- Insect Farming and Trading Agency of PNG

-- Institute of Banking

-- New Tribe Mission Aviation Page

-- PNG Rotary Clubs Web Site

-- Port Moresby Rotary Web Site

-- Lae Rotary Web Site

-- University of PNG

-- Bank of Papua New Guinea

-- Embassy of Papua New Guinea to the Americas, Washington, DC

-- Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority

-- Papua New Guinea University of Technology Home page

-- The recent Morobe Show has come and gone but the web site of the show society can still be found.

-- The Tolec electronics website. Tolec provides a cable TV service for the people of Lae. For all your cable TV needs in Morobe Province visit Tolec.


** Road Link **

The National Executive Council has approved a road link between Kiunga in Western Province with Mindiptana sub-district in the Papua Province of Indonesia. Prime Minister Michael Somare said that the link would give new opportunities for residents, along the border, to have easy access to basic government services as well as venture into commercial activities such as growing rubber and vanilla.


** PNG Gas Pipeline **

The multi billion Kina PNG to Australia gas pipeline project has been given a new name after last month moving to the design and engineering stage. Previously known as the Highlands Gas Project, the joint venture will now be called the PNG Gas Project to better reflect its importance to the country. The joint venture project is owned 39.4 per cent by operator Exxon Mobil Corp, with Oil Search holding 54.2 per cent and Nippon Oil Exploration Ltd and Mineral Resources Development Co about three per cent each.


** Miss PNG Red Cross Traditional **

The Miss PNG Red Cross contestants have had their first official judging. The girls attended the Miss Traditional judging held at the Port Moresby Grammar School on Saturday the 30th of October. The Miss Traditional results will e announced at the crowning ceremony.


** Miss PNG Quest **

The crowning of the 2004 Miss PNG Red Cross Charity Quest will be held tonight (6 Nov 2004) at the Grand Palace Restaurant in Port Moresby.

The following girls have entered the Miss PNG Red Cross contest for 2004 -

Ashwin Samson -- Miss Warehouse
Dani Kunia -- Miss Koiari
Julie Joseph -- Miss Rabaul Travelodge
Linda Natera -- Miss NCD/Central Province
Maria Boromu -- Miss Vanimo Beach Hotel
Priscilla Daniels -- Miss WHP PNGRC
Sheryn Bernard -- Miss Manus


** Madang Squash **

The Madang Squash Open will be held on the 12th, 13th and 14th of November. All players are welcome to attend.


** Manam Island **

The eruption of Mt. Iabu on Manam Island is causing dust and gravel problems for villagers living on the island. Some of the villages have been covered with lava that turns to gravel after cooling. As much as 4 to 6 centimetres of dust covers some of the buildings. The molten lava has destroyed vegetable gardens and fruit trees and others have been buried under hot dust. It is feared that villagers will soon face shortages of food and will require assistance.


** Divine Word University **

An agreement has been signed between the Divine Word University and the Paris Superior Institute of Relations for a training program in international relations and diplomacy. The program is intended for civil servants and anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge in international affairs or have an intention of joining the Foreign Service etc.


** Universal Education **

Manus Province has beaten all other provinces of PNG to achieve universal primary education. The province is now working towards achieving universal secondary education by the year 2007.


** National Museum **

The National Museum and Art Gallery has been closed for an indefinite period because of a breakdown in the air conditioning system. The system has been having problems for many years and in the last few months the system has broken down so many times that there is now only one cooling unit left.


** Malaria and Filariasis **

It is thought that PNG is the first country in the world to adopt a bed net project with a view of fighting malaria and filariasis. Australian Doctors International (ADI) are implementing a mosquito bed net program in the Nomad area of the North Fly District. Over 3 tonne of chemically treated bed nets and drugs to fight filariasis are being distributed to the people.


** Malaria FAQ's **

If you think you have malaria then my suggestion is see a doctor or a nurse as soon as possible so that a trained professional can offer the correct treatment.

QQQ What is the most common disease in PNG?
AAA Malaria is the most common disease and the second leading cause of death in PNG hospitals. Pneumonia is the most common cause of death.

QQQ What are the various types of malaria found in PNG?
AAA There are four types of malaria found in the world that can affect humans but only three types are found in PNG

falciparum malaria
vivax malaria
and (thanks to John Mackerell)
the third species of malaria found in PNG is called malariae malaria (P. malariae) - basically like vivax but without vivax's persistent liver stage.

QQQ Of the types of malaria found in PNG which one is the most dangerous?
AAA falciparum malaria is the most serious. If not treated falciparum malaria may result in shock, kidney and liver failure, coma and death. Death is often due to clogging of the small blood vessels in vital organs by the malaria-infected blood cells.

QQQ What is the less life-threatening malaria found in PNG?
AAA vivax malaria is generally not life threatening, but deaths may occur in young children, very old people and in people already weakened by another disease.

QQQ Where is malaria found in PNG?
AAA Malaria is generally found at altitudes lower than 1,600 metres. The temperature above this altitude restricts mosquito and parasite growth. As a result of increased travel, malaria does occur in some of the highlands valleys.

QQQ How is malaria spread?
AAA Malaria is spread by the bite of the Anopheles mosquito. These mosquitos almost exclusively bite at dusk and during the night. Daytime mosquitoes are usually not carriers of malaria.

QQQ What are the drugs used to treat malaria?
AAA The drugs used are dangerous and should only be taken under medical supervision. Chloroquine, Fansidar, artesunate / artemether and primaquine. No drug or combination of drugs is completely effective in all people. See next item on the correct use of artemether or artesunate

QQQ How can I protect myself against malaria?
AAA Prevention of being bitten by an infected mosquito is important but nor perfect. Added protection from malaria is possible by taking anti-malarial drugs. Taking drugs before becoming sick, to prevent disease from developing is called prophylaxis. A prophylactic drug is supposed to prevent or suppress the disease even if bitten by an infected mosquito. Also the use of treated bed nets is recommended in malaria prone areas of the country.

For other FAQ's about PNG please pay a visit to -- http://www.michie.net/png_faqs -- if you know an answer to a FAQ or find and answer that is wrong then please send email to have it added or corrected.


** Malaria Treatment **

Steve Bjorge has advised the following on the use of artemether or artesunate for the treatment of malaria, it is important that people understand that artemether or artesunate used alone may not cure the malaria infection. The NDOH recommended treatment is artemether or artesunate (they are closely related compounds) taken daily for 7 days IN COMBINATION with a single dose of Fansidar (for an adult, 3 tablets). The artesunate/artemether drugs are very effective in knocking down the parasite biomass in the blood and thus reducing the fever, but they still can fail to knock out every last parasite. Studies have shown up to a 50% recrudescence rate after 5 days of artesunate/artemether, and a 5% recrudescence rate after 7 days of artesunate/artemether (i.e. less than 100%).

Note: According to -- http://www.dictionary.com/ -- re·cru·desce means "to break out anew or come into renewed activity, as after a period of quiescence" and recrudescence means "a return of something after a period of abatement" "a recrudescence of malaria"


** Boroko Fire Station **

For once firemen in Port Moresby were quickly on the scene of a recent fire. A fire is believed to have started in the an upstairs room at the Boroko fire station. The building built many, many years ago mainly from timber that is now very dry was saved and firemen were able to prevent the blaze from spreading to the main operations room and the bay where the fire engines are kept.


** Moresby Elections **

Caspar Wollom has won back the Moresby North East seat that he lost in a court battle. The People's National Congress (PNC) Party candidate polled 8271 votes to oust his nearest rival, David Unagi who polled 8,090 votes. Mr Unagi had successfully petitioned the court of Disputed Returns to declare the 2002 election result invalid after Mr Wollom won the seat at the 2002 general elections. Norman Fernandes came in third. PNC is lead by the opposition leader, Peter O'Neill.


** Ok Tedi **

Landowners of the giant Ok Tedi mine have lost over K23 million due to internal disputes. The Minister for Mines has said that the money from the extra 20 percent royalty payment could be impossible to recover. Mining Minister, Sam Akoitai said this in Tabubil at the signing of a revised mine agreement. The agreement will ensure that the government makes the Ok Tedi mine honour every environment undertaking agreed to through community consultation.


** Enhanced Cooperation Project **

It is hoped that by next month the first joint PNG-Australian patrols will take place. The first visible patrols are expected to take place on the 2nd of December around the streets of Port Moresby and further patrols will take place from then on well into the New Year.


** Morobe Show **

The 2004 Morobe Show, the 44th show, has come to a successful end. Once again a fireworks display proved to be very popular. The PNG Defence Force performed a mock battle performed by the Engineering Battalion. Over 100,000 people attended the show over the two days it was open. The 2004 Miss Morobe Show Queen went to a girl from New Ireland Province.


** Defence Academy **

The PNG Defence Force Officer Commissioning Course has been relaunched at the PNGDF Academy at Igam Barracks just outside Lae in Morobe province.


** Solomon Airlines **

The owners of the financially troubled Solomon Airlines, the Solomon Islands Government has asked the PNG based Airlines of PNG (APNG) for help to turn the financial woes around. Both parties are looking towards how the two airlines could work together for the mutual benefit of both. APNG has suggested a reduction in the numbers of staff as well as providing training for cabin crew and the heavy maintenance of some of the Solomon fleet of aircraft as some of the ways of helping the ailing airline.


** Gulf Province **

The Governor of the Gulf Province, Chris Haiveta has, in Parliament, accused the logging giant Rimbunan Hijau of not registering and insuring a possible 300 vehicles in the province. The Governor went on to say that this has been happening since the year 2000 and could amount to as much as K8 million owed to the government at the moment and maybe K10 million by the end of the year. The money owed covers the licencing and registration of the heavy vehicles owned by the company. The heavy equipment includes dump trucks, jinkers, excavators, graders, cranes etc as well as land cruisers and other lighter vehicles.


** Pay Out **

The Department of Finance has reportedly started to pay out K2 million to the wrong person in an out of court settlement. Fortunately only K200,000 had been paid out when the error was brought to the attention of Finance officials.


** Tufi Photographs **

Where can I find photographs of the Tufi area?

Try the PNGBD web site --


** Air Niugini **

Air Niugini anticipates that the second of its Fokker F100 will be in country and carrying passengers by the 1st of December ready for the Christmas peak period. Several airports are being made ready for the extra capacity that a second Fokker F100 will provide the airline. The current solitary F100 only flies from Cairns to Port Moresby and Lae. Air Niugini has recently released its Schedule Number 76 that covers from the 31st of October to the 30th of November. Both of the schedules are available on the Air Niugini web site -- http://www.airniugini.com.pg/timetable -- and follow the prompts from there.


** Boroko Cell Block **

The cells at the Boroko police station are being given a facelift. The cellblocks are the main detention centre for the National Capital District have not been renovated for the last twenty years. A local company has been engaged to do maintenance and renovation works to the building's electrical system, plumbing and other areas. It is not sure whether funding has come from AusAID for this project or whether the PNG Police Force has managed to scrape together sufficient funds for the job.


** National Broadcasting Corporation **

National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) has a new board headed by the new chairman Lawyer Loani Henao. The National Executive Council appointed the new board. Other members of the board are Theresa Jaintong, John Tokunai, Moale Rivu and Paul Raptario. Some see this as the last chance for the once fine NBC to survive. If this board can't get the NBC running then it may just have to be wound up or reduced considerably in size.


** Anglicare **

Anglicare, run by the Anglican Church in PNG has received a cheque for US$114,000 from the US Embassy in Port Moresby. The money, presented by the US Ambassador, will be used to help the church fight HIV/AIDS in the Highlands region of the country. Anglican Archbishop James Ayong accepted the donation at the Anglicare centre in Waigani. The Archbishop has already held discussions with other churches in the Highlands provinces to present a joint effort in the fight against the virus.

Anglicare StopAIDS has also recently received an amount of US$10,000 from Esso Highlands to be used towards the care and counselling carried out at its Waigani centre in Port Moresby.


** Port Moresby Hospital **

The Port Moresby General Hospital has received K40,000 from Oil Search and its joint venture partners. The donation will go towards the renovation program at the hospital.


** Recipe Links **

Recipes from Papua New Guinea... Learn to make dishes from Papua New Guinea featuring coconut, fruit, vegetables, and fish. The first group of recipes can be located at

-- http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/recipe1.html
-- http://www.anahitagallery.com/ahrecipe04.html
-- http://www.pngbuai.com/600technology/cookery/
-- http://www.whats4eats.com/4rec_papua.html

More PNG recipes can be found at -- http://www.elca.org/dgm/country_packet/png/recipe.html

If you are after rice recipes then go to the PNG's Favourite Rice Recipes web site at -- http://www.trukai.com.pg/recipes/


** Strange Meals **

Thanks to Rick for the following link
-- http://www.familyhaven.com/travel/melanesianman.html --

Make sure you are not eating when you read the contents of this page!


** Maritime Navigation **

The PNG Cabinet has approved funding to upgrade the maritime navigation aids around the country. The project involves the purchase of 160 short, medium and long-range lights nationwide. The first stage of the program will cover work on lighthouses in Milne Bay Province. The second phase covers the New Guinea Islands region while the third phase will cover the mainland coastline from Vanimo all the way around to Daru.


** PNG Media Related Sites **

Post Courier Newspaper
-- http://www.postcourier.com.pg
The National Online Newspaper
-- http://www.thenational.com.pg

Tree House Productions
-- http://www.treehouse.com.pg/treehouse__productions.htm

PNG Business Directory
-- http://www.pngbd.com
PNG Tok Pisin
-- http://www.tokpisin.net
Chin H Meen
-- http://www.chmsupersound.com or
Chin H Meen
-- http://chm.com.pg
EM TV (Television)
-- http://www.emtv.com.pg
Hitron (Cable TV)
-- http://www.hitron.com.pg
Religious Television Association
-- http://www.rtapng.com.pg


** .oOo. **

In Tok Pisin / Neo Melanesian - em tasol or in English That's All

For other ways of saying "that's all" please pay a visit to -- http://www.pnggossip.com/emtasol


Gia Man



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