Peace Convergence June 18-24 Newsletter 15

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Peace Convergence June 18-24
Join us at Shoalwater Bay for a week of community action against war and war games.
Talisman Sabre is set to start at the end of May for six weeks! The live firing and field component begins June 19. Bookings have started for camping at the caravan park in Yeppoon in preparation for the planned activities and actions during the Peace Convergence. If you are planning to come to Shoalwater for the Peace Convergence please book accommodation now.

Regional groups around the country have been organising films nights, public talks, concerts and other events to raise awareness about Talisman Sabre. If you would like to get involved in a group contact a rep in your area.

Transport options are developing!
Train: Kristy is organising transport from Melbourne. Please email or call her on 0421 323 839.

The train travelling from Brisbane to Rockhampton that people may like to travel on is the Sunlander: Departing Sunday June 17 at 8.55am arriving Rockhampton 8pm. (transport will be organised to collect people to take to Yeppoon).
To make a booking contact Queensland Rail 131617.
Josh is taking bookings for a bus leaving Brisbane on Friday 22 June returning Monday 25 June. Please email Josh or call him on 07 3844 7181 if you would like to make a booking. Cost $74 return.

Every effort will be made to get people up as environmentally and efficiently as possible! We would be interested in hearing from anyone who would like to coordinate car pooling. Please contact us if this is you!

Australian Army trucks are shortly to commence the ferrying of 350 shipping containers from Brisbane to Shoalwater Bay (via Rockhampton). The containers will all ultimately be assembled and modified as training structures in the Shoalwater Bay Training Area (SBTA), after being cycled through the Defence establishment at Western Street in Rockhampton. Each of the containers are also being modified in Brisbane for use as buildings in the creation of a mock town for military training purposes, and under the auspices of Joint Project 2098 – the Joint Combined Training Centre. The mock town will be used to train soldiers in urban environments, and will also be deployed in support of exercise 'Talisman Sabre' later in 2007. [07.02.07]
Gareth Smith, Convenor of Byron Peace Convergence said: “We have had an unconfirmed report from someone working on the site that a concrete mosque is being built at Shoalwater Bay. Talisman Sabre war games are directly targeting the Middle East.  Australian Muslims will be outraged to learn that their taxes are being used by the Howard government to rehearse Australian troops for further US-led military attacks on their kinfolk. We totally oppose these war games and the network of US bases in Australia which serve to nail down our foreign policy to a US template and put us all at increased risk of terrorist attack.  Where will Australian forces go next as the US moves to seize oil, gas, cobalt and diamonds, Iran? Chad? Mali? We demand an urgent explanation, Mr Howard!” 

Pine Gap 4 on trial

The Pine Gap 4 are on trial next month (May 29) for their citizen inspection of Pine Gap in 2005. To learn more about their action visit their website or subscribe to their mailing list - send an email with the word subscribe in the subject line to
The Pine Gap 4 are raising funds for their trial in Alice Springs and have released a CD of peace songs by various artists like Shane Howard, Penelope Swales, Dana Lyons and more. To order a copy of the CD "Rise Up & speak the truth" send an email to Jim Dowling.

No War Games T-shirts for sale
Nob Creek Pottery run by Steve Bishopric and Sue McBurnie in Byfield are selling anti War Games and Pro Wilderness T-shirts.
Designed by Brisbane artist Jonothan McBurnie (Sue's Nephew). Jonothan has a keen interest in Shoalwater Bay and military toxins as he is a Leukemia survivor. He designed these shirts while undergoing chemotherapy and has donated his art work for use by the peace and environment movements.
Price: $18 each plus postage (more than 10 shirts $12 each plus postage). Sizes: small, medium, large, x large & xx large.

To order contact Nob Creek Pottery (payment by credit card or cheques). Phone 07 4935 1161
Address: 216 Arnold's Rd, Byfield QLD 4703.
front design:

back designs:

More shirts! To pre-order the following t-shirt ($20 + postage) contact or Friends of the Earth Brisbane 07 3846 5793. Available in women's (sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18 - white only) and unisex designs (m, l, xl & xxl - white, bone & snow marle).

A Hard Rain: A film on the nuclear issue
The new film by Australian filmmaker David Bradbury is available for sale. Traversing five countries - China, France, Japan, UK & Australia, A Hard Rain exposes the hidden agendas behind the latest push for Australia to go nuclear and presents a compelling - and frightening - argument against allowing this to happen. A Hard Rain provides the information you need to know to decide if Australia should head down the nuclear path.

To purchase the DVD ($40) please make out cheques to "Frontline Films", 8 Short Street, Brunswick Heads NSW 2483 or to pay by credit card visit the One Stop Green Shop. For further inquiries please send an email.

For more information about Talisman Sabre 2007 and the Peace Convergence visit or email info[at]
To subscribe or unsubscribe from the mailing list visit

stop the exercises | close the bases | end the wars

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Ride with Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle III

Submitted by beck pearse (not verified) on Mon, 30/04/2007 - 19:44.

We're leaving from Peace Convergence 25th June 2007

Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle (CANC) is a community campaign to raise awareness about and build opposition to the nuclear industry in Australia. Leaving from Peace Convergence, we will be holding public meetings, visiting schools and making connections with local groups on the way to Canberra.

We're saying no to nuclear militarism, no to radioactive racism and no to the cycle of nuclear foolishness. Through a fun and vibrant grass roots campaign we want to inspire communities to call for a fossil fuel free and nuclear free future.

The are 2 rides!
Port Augusta to Canberra and Rockhampton to Canberra.
25th June to 2nd September.

Ride with us
We need riders, and lots of them! You can join us for as for as long or as little as you like. Don't be afraid of the distances. There will be riders of all levels of experience and fitness and always someone who is as slow or fast as you.

Contact us to find out how you or your group can get involved.

Join our email list

Beck Pearse
0405 105 101

Georgina Pike
0431 303 084


Beck and the CANC crew



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