The Peres sellout; the Zeevi murder

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by Barry Chamish

Why do people fall for such obvious scams? Bush is really mad at Sharon for his unilateral Gaza pullout because it could hurt his re-election chances. So Sharon has to fly to Washington to beg for his approval.

Barry Chamish

Saturday, April 17, 2004

"Please George, let me withdraw from Gaza?" "Well, I don't know, Ari."

"Please, please, please."

"Oh alright. But you owe me one."

And even Likud members buy this stunt. It doesn't take much thinking nowadays to sell snake oil. So if weary Israelis will buy this superficial piece of bunco, what chance is there for them to understand that the Gaza pullout is another step in the road to defeating the rise of Judaism in Israel and revenge against the people's rejection of the Sabbatean ideal of Labor Zionism? Still, we try against all odds to supply the information hoping there is a spark yet left of the mythical Jewish intelligence.

The following hidden history was supplied by two informants, one being a columnist for Makor Rishon. The planned disintegration of Israel began in 1988 and Shimon Peres was the agent. The locomotive was the Washington Institute For Near East Policy, the Martin Indyk - run monstrosity.

Informant One - Peres was going to be the instrument of a withdrawal to the '48 lines and he was shuttling between the Washington Institute and the Vatican to sell the plan. It was basically what you've been reporting for years; Israel becomes indefensible, the foreign troops patrol the country, the Vatican gets Jerusalem. The whole package. Indyk was the American coordinator of the plan. The new name for it is the Roadmap.

Informant Two - You have to ask who Indyk really is. How does an Australian just show up in Washington one day, get hold of a think tank, and then run Middle East policy for the country? I thought your Sabbatean claims were far-fetched when I read them, but they explain Indyk's rise from nowhere as well as anything else. Why was Peres running to him to push his plan? Or more likely, who assigned Indyk to Peres?

One - A key player in Nimrod Novick. He was Peres's liaison to Indyk and after the Oslo Accord, was given a position at the Washington Institute. He's been keeping quiet since then, but he's the point man between Peres and Washington. He negotiated the fine points of the withdrawals and pullouts and the paperwork is stored at the Washington Institute. The plan called for Israel to pull out of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, piece by piece, all the while Israelis would be told that this would be the last withdrawal. That's the same system they used to get the PLO back. First, just Gaza and Jericho and if they don't behave, no more. Israelis would have to be convinced that their country was being compromised in the name of security to fall for this. It's a strong-arm extortion tactic. You get what you want by promising this is the last payment. But of course, the payments never stop.

Two - In 1997, Rehavam Zeevi heard about the Peres-Indyk records stored at the Institute and tried to get copies. His contact within the Institute was a researcher there named Sheldon Stern. His son Jonathan works there as well today but we are told, was not part of the Zeevi operation. Stern explained that he had seen the records and told Zeevi what was in them. He told Zeevi he could get the records to him for $900,000. Zeevi agreed. But then Stern started getting cute. First he wanted $15,000 up front to bribe two guards at the Institute. Zeevi agreed. Then Stern upped the stakes again, asking for $35,000 in legal fees which the guards would need if questioned.

ONE - Zeevi then figured out he was being taken for a ride and returned to his original offer: $900,000 paid in full once he had the documents. He wouldn't budge and the deal fell through. We don't know if Stern was an honest broker or not, but there is reason to believe that he was. Either way, Zeevi never forgot what he said was in the Peres-Indyk files and began a campaign within the government to short-circuit Peres.

Within two years, both Zeevi and Peres sat in the same cabinet led by Ariel Sharon. There Zeevi became privy first hand to Peres' continuation of his Vatican/Indyk program. In early October, 2001, Zeevi threatened Sharon. If Peres did not stop his secret diplomacy, he would publicly reveal what it involved. Sharon acquiesced and had a letter drawn promising that he would order Peres to cancel a planned meeting with Arafat in Greece. A week before his murder, Zeevi displayed the letter at a party caucus meeting. Sharon's appeasement did not succeed for long. On October 13, 2001 Zeevi handed Sharon his final ultimatum: Peres is removed from the cabinet or he will resign from the government and take two parties with him; Yisrael B'aliyah and the National Party. Sharon was given a choice between Peres and suicidal withdrawal, or his coalition. Sharon went with Peres and withdrawal. On Oct. 17, 2001, four hours before Zeevi was to give his resignation speech to the Knesset, explaining who Peres was and why he couldn't sit in the same government as him, he was shot dead outside his hotel room in Jerusalem. Arabs may have been the triggermen, but the order came from within the Israeli government. Or, put another way: Zeevi died so Sharon could evacuate Gaza.


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