PHARISEE WATCH: Election Values in Fallujah

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By Charles E. Carlson

How can 100 million people be so dumb? (A British headline on November 3, 2004)

On day one an American Commander in Fallujah was recorded on PBS as saying "Civilian casualties are minimal." In the same breath he went on to say, "we are killing insurgents wherever we see them." The key words were "see them" for he made it clear they were killing on sight, and no mention was made of prisoners. This is consistent with what we were told would happen before the invasion. But how can those doing the killing tell the "insurgents" from the civilians? If they are shooting people on sight, how can deaths of civilians be minimal? What is to happen to the natives in Fallujah was never discussed, nor were we told how "our boys" planned to tell a native civilian male (or female for that matter) from an "insurgent," especially in the dark with all the electricity cut off.

"Insurgent" is newspeak for any Iraqi found in the wrong place at the wrong time. Its dictionary meaning is one who peacefully revolts against and established legal government. Insurgent in Fallujah means an Iraqi who is marked for execution by an invading government (ours). It is a new "values" term that we will hear a lot in the future... at least until another newspeak word can be invented to takes its place. Newspeak is a salve rubbed on our conscience to keep us from noticing something we are not supposed to think about, like the deaths of thousands of victims. Newspeak is used to win our support for acts our government is forcing our military to perform that would be too terrible to contemplate if they were called something like planned genocide. "Insurgent" is part of the new language of our new "values" that reelected G. W. Bush 10 days ago. "Terrorist" is a newspeak word that means a fighter from the other side.


November 13, 2004

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In Fallujah we were told matter-of-factly it would be necessary to execute the insurgents. Now we are informed that execution is being carried out more or less clandestinely with only "imbedded" reporters to leak parts of the story belatedly to a compliant national press. If we can decode the language of our new "values," we will know that, with a few exceptions, "insurgents" means local Iraqis who are resisting the US occupation and are willing to fight for a non-colonial Iraq. Anyone who wants his country back is an insurgent, if not a terrorist. The new Mideast oil empire is being created in front of our eyes, while we pay for it at the gas pump. "Insurgents" are what we call everyone who is systematically executed in Fallujah, including women and children who could not or would not flee their homes.

The excuse given to the US military for killing civilians in Fallujah who happened to look like insurgents or who got in the way of shooting one is that civilians were warned to leave; the US had thoughtfully leafleted the city of 300,000, warning everyone to get out.

A businessman recently reminded me of this when I asked him if he was aware of the impending slaughter. How can you say you are pro-life, I asked, when you support what is being done to the women and children in Iraq? He shrugged, "they should go stay with a relative or camp out until this is over." Where would an Arab mother of six, whose husband may have been killed in Operation Desert Storm "camp out?"

To this man, whose answer we hear time and time again in front of Judaized churches, a leaflet and the term "insurgents" are balm enough for his conscience to allow him to look the other way and never know who is being killed in Fallujah; the leaflet and the new-speak are his way out of a pro-death dilemma. His thinking exemplifies the new American "values" that we are told caused the reelection of G. W. Bush with a mandate to annihilate the citizens of Fallujah.

Mandate is an old-speak word with a meaning that is well understood: a mandate is a blank check that permits whatever actions are in the interest of those who influence the actions of our President. The mandate to destroy Fallujahns was granted to our government by the Judaized-Christians, popularly called the "Christian Right." Its leaders do not this, in fact; they boast of their mandate. Rick Warren, founder of Saddleback Church and author of The Purpose Driven Life, told a PBS radio audience that in the future politicians would have to come to them for support. Judaized-Christianity gave G. B. Bush an overwhelming percentage of its vote when the rest of the world was voting against him with the full strength of their voices. We are not told the overwhelming "Christian Right" vote was a vote for "values."

Writers, interviewer and commentators everywhere are struggling to identify what these "values" are. How have values been translated into a Fallujah attack only seven days after the election? The reason media figures are so puzzled is that it appears the President does not personally reflect any of the values that are attributed to him! So what, they wonder, is the real reason that somewhere between 30 and 70 million American churchgoers turned out to vote for Bush when he was openly committed to bombing and killing from the get-go? It puzzles even those interviewers who are used to a diet of relatively uncontrolled news.


What is bothering many is the size of the duplicity. How can the president say he has pro-life values when he is personally committed to killing untold numbers of unborn, as well as born, children in Fallujah and other places like it? Can one be pro-the-life of an unborn black child in Chicago whose mother is on crack and whose father is unknown, and at the same time not care about the lives of the six Arab children who are about to be incinerated in a white-hot explosion from an apache guided missile fired into their living room? People worldwide are asking this question in amazement...but not the millions of Judaized Christians. How can this many people be so dumb? This is the question that our search for the real "values" that elected G. W. Bush to a second term asks.

And the answer is so simple that any child can understand it. Abortions and homophobia have little, if anything, to do with Bush's reelection. His pro-life, anti-gay image is a thin veneer that can only fool those eager to be fooled. In fact, everyone knew before the election that Mr. Bush did not mind killing people because he showed us and told us so outright. He is the man who spoke of a "crusade" and called himself "the war president." The sad truth, is Mr. Bush could shoot down Arabs and Muslim-Americans in front of the White House and still be considered pro-life by Judaized Christians, because Judaized-Christian leaders consider Arabs and Muslims to be sub-human and believe it is okay to kill them because they are an "un-chosen" race. Christian racism, the hallmark of evangelicalism, is without support in Christ's New Testament.

The value that fires Judaized-Christian leaders and affects the way their sheep vote is radical racism against Islam with a hypocritical veneer of family values that most do not follow in their own lives. We Hold These Truths began writing about the true reality we saw on December 26, 1990, the eve of President Bush Sr.'s Gulf War, and we have not seen cause to take back a word of it. Every article remains posted and very little of it has been seriously refuted. We ask skeptics to start reading the oldest articles, and report anything they find to be in error.

In the fifteen years from the incineration of thousands on the Highway of Death to the present impending annihilation of the populations in one of the most holy cities in Iraq, our task at We Hold These Truths has been to document how the minds of Christians have been stolen through Judaization. The thief is World Zionism.


World Zionism set out to control Christianity by writing a new bible and donating it to the seminaries of a new sect, the "evangelicals," in the early 1900s. To make this sect the most powerful in the world, it fostered the growth of media evangelism to the point where one can hardly turn on a radio or TV set without hearing a discussion of "values"-the values of Zionism.

The first and foremost "value" of World Zionism is the success of the State of Israel, the messiah of Judaized-Christianity. Whatever Israel wants is a "value" that Judaized-Christian media leaders support. Israel's current desire is for the destruction of Iraq and every independent Islamic country in the world. Anyone who doubts this desire has but to ask his Judaized-Christian friends: "Do you believe the present day police state of Israel is a fulfillment of bible prophesy?

Any form of "yes" to the above question precludes the lordship of Christ and makes Jesus a co-god with Arial Sharon's administration.

This is how World Zionism created its "Christian" accomplice: In 1908 Cyrus I. Scofield, a Kansas State Prison release, was credited with editing the first Zionist bible, which promoted the "state of Israel" in it footnotes. Amazingly, this occurred 40 years *before* the State of Israel even existed. But it occurred only 12 years after the World Zionist Conference called for the creation of a "state of Israel" in Palestine. The Scofield Bible put Israel in most evangelical church on page 250 of the original 1908 Edition. Imagine, there had never been a "state" of Israel, not referred to as a "state" anywhere in the Old Testament or the New, yet Oxford University Press wrote "Israel" into its study bible as a reality (over Scofield's name). He was probably an unwitting accomplice, and an extremely effective tool for the Zionists because he went along, probably for the money, just as today hundreds of evangelical leaders do. President Bush is a knowing or unknowing accomplice in carrying out World Zionism's Plan...his "crusade" in the Mideast.


The task of every man of faith should be to help rescue the Judaized-Christians from their own apostasy. In following false leaders, they who say they are followers of Christ have abandoned Him and His demand for love and mercy for the smallest and weakest of His brothers. They have become radical Zionists in all but name. Since there can be no communion between light and dark, they have abandoned Christ even though they attend churches twice a week or more. According to a telling exit poll, sixty percent of those who attend church more than once a week voted for Fallujah (Bush). They believe they are carrying out God's works, while the blood of the innocent trickles down their arms and hands. Let us resolve that we will tell every one of them what they have done, so their terrible acts will no longer be repeated in Jesus Christ's name.

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