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We have made only limited mailings since the attacks on our mailing service curtailed our mission on August 28th. Our needs are being met, much of it by new friends, and we have found a safer path. Later this week we will begin again to broadcast our PHARISEE WATCH articles more widely than ever before.

In August Pharisee Watch went out to over 200,000 new media people, educators and Christian leaders. Our objective is to reach 2 million influential religious and young educational leaders in the next 45 days!

We will need volunteer workers with computers to help us.

September 26, 2004
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Charles E. Carlson

The "Great Turning" is in the wind.

Strait Gate Ministries is not quite as alone as we once were. The words of others tell us some have noticed what we say.

Listen to Bill Moyers speaking to THE SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS conference, in New York on the anniversary of Day 911. Moyers mentioned the World Trade Towers only briefly.


This is the apostasy we have been examining for years.

In Bill Moyers words:

"How do we explain the possibility that a close election in November could turn on several million good and decent citizens who believe in the Rapture Index...whose buckle holds in place George W. Bush's armor of the Lord."

Moyers: (they) "subscribe to a fantastical theology concocted in the l9th century by a couple of immigrant preachers who took disparate passages from the Bible and wove them into a narrative millions of people believe to be literally true."

(they believe) "Jesus will return to earth only when ... Israel then occupies the rest of its "biblical lands;" when the third temple has been rebuilt on the site now occupied by the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa mosques; and, then, when legions of the Antichrist attack Israel. This will trigger a final showdown in the valley of Armageddon during which all the Jews who have not converted will be burned."

Moyers: (they think) "True believers will be lifted out of their clothes and transported to heaven where, seated next to the right hand of God, they will watch their political and religious opponents suffer plagues of boils, sores, locusts and frogs during the several years of tribulation which follow."

"....That's why they have declared solidarity with Israel and the Jewish settlements and backed up their support with money and volunteers....It's why the invasion of Iraq for them was a warm-up act, predicted in the 9th chapter of the Book of Revelations where four angels "which are bound in the great river Euphrates will be released "to slay the third part of men.'

.."A war with Islam in the Middle East is not something to be feared but welcomed....One estimate puts these people at about 15 percent of the electorate....they are part of the core of George W. Bush's base support."

"When the president asked Ariel Sharon to pull his tanks out of Jenin in 2002, more than one hundred thousand angry Christian fundamentalists barraged the White House with e-mails, and Mr. Bush never mentioned the matter again."

"...Coincidentally, the administration recently put itself solidly behind Ariel Sharon's expansions of settlements on the West Banks." -end, entire speech at: (Unheralded News)

No, that was not Pharisee Watch speaking, that was Bill Moyers of Public Broadcasting Corporation fame. Can it be that We Hold These Truths is no longer alone; has our message kindling fires? And Moyers even used the forbidden term 'WAR ON ISLAM' which was the theme by this writer in a published article in 1994,"ATTACKING ISLAM." See for yourself: news)

Have courage, the "Great Turning" we wrote in March 2003 is happening! Read THE GREAT TURNING, ENDING OUR AGE OF SERIAL WAR, The Narrow Path to an Age of Peace (Pharisee Watch)

Our own latest story begins where Bill Moyers leaves off. Please make sure he and every journalist get copies: WHY JUDAIZED CHRISTIANS ARE RE-ELECTING GEORGE W. BUSH. Now that Moyers has spoken it gets easier, other journalists will read and consider. Some will even read Pharisee Watch IF YOU SEND IT TO THEM. This is how the Great Turning gets started! (Pharisee Watch)


You will find other powerful post on our Website about Israel, the Gaza Kids and the UN Resolution to save them. This touching story found in an a large Indian newspaper, telling us the truth about suicide bombers and why they do not go away:


September 21, 2004

By The Hindu

"Another result of the perpetual killing was that many children came to expect an early death and to welcome the prospect of becoming a 'martyr'."

Did you know your tax dollars are paying for 5000 more "smart bombs," being delivered to the State of Israel. The blood of these children is on the hands of our Judaized Christian friends, let us help them cleanse themselves. (Unheralded news)


Dr. Abu Hamza, founder of DOING MY PART FOR PEACE, Damascus, Syria, is the producer and narrator of THE STORY OF THE PHILISTINES, perhaps the best documentary of the theft of the land of the Philistines.

THE STORY OF THE PHILISTINES, a professionally done history of Zionism, the Palestinian's struggle, and a hoped for the future. It contains classic and new film footage unseen by most of us.

It is one the most convincing educational tools we have seen.

THE STORY OF THE PHILISTINES is free to you with every $100.00 donation to Strait Gate Ministries. Part of the proceeds go to the refugee camps for Palestinians in Syria, the rest keeps us going. (Please specify DVD or Video)

All credit cards are accepted, click this link, or copy it into your browser address window: (bookstore)

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Because of those a few who deliberately interfered with our mission at various times between August 28 and September 19th, many e-mails sent to us were never received. If you wrote or tried to write and received no acknowledgment please take the time to send your message again.

Thanks to those who have helped.




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