PHARISEE WATCH: Why Judaized Christians' Push Bush

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Serial war's never-ending blood purges are now the dominant factor in our American culture. Each successive war is paid for by the dilution of our money, which is no more or less than a hidden tax on the consumer. The twin effects are unprecedented price inflation and a dismal decline in morality that has always accompanies militarism everywhere. The sad Soviet Union is the most recent example of this. All history warns us that political wars and dilution are the twin scissor blades of tyranny, and that the middle class and the fixed income consumer are always caught between its razor sharp blades.


September 19, 2004

Why Judaized Christians Are Re-electing George W. Bush

By Charles E. Carlson

We Americans are now embroiled in the so-called "war on terrorism" which, ignoring the causes and excuses of it for the moment, is in practice a war on Islam. This war is focused on independent acting Muslim countries, such as Chechnya and Bosnia, named here only because they are just as Caucasian as any of us. The war on Islam is the successor to the philosophical "Cold War" against "communism" that sapped our resources and dominated our lives the last half of the 20th Century. This author first wrote about this in a published article in March 1994, called, Attacking Islam, Revisited. (See endnotes.)

The predictable effect of dollar dilution is to divide the great American middle class into what are currently a millionaire class and those below. At the present rate of dilution sub-millionaires will soon be equivalent to the peasants of pre-industrial Europe. Neither class has much to say about our government. The sub-millionaire class is so busy making ends meet we do not think much or have time to contemplate issues. The millionaire class shortsightedly sees few problems that money will not solve.

The political leadership of both parties is now in the hands of the multi-billionaire's class (the "haves" as George W. Bush called them). The "haves" opponents will not be elected, the controlled media sees to that.

Americans are independent, they even want to keep their guns, and they fear being taken over from abroad, but for the most part they fail to recognize that a world hegemony already exists that is controlled by those who control the USA. We were taught throughout the Cold War to fear "world government," a supposed scheme to take over our own freedom and export control over our country from the outside.

But the Cold War evaporated; it turned out to be only a hologram war image projected on the eastern sky. Its power sources came from New York and London, not from the USSR, as we were told for 40 years through two major wars that cost 100,000 American lives.

Instead of seeing America become greater, we have seen our jobs exported and our cost of living rise 1000 percent in the lifetime of any grandfather. The hegemony exists all right, but it is within. Whoever controls America controls the world. It is our military might that the rest of the world fears. But, at the present rate of wars and dilution, soon only billionaires will be in control and many former millionaires will be paupers. This is a purely financial approach without even considering the moral cesspool we now are asked to swim in. Witness Al Gareb for just one example. What future does this leave for our future generations?

How do we break free? Sorry, without a better level of citizen understanding we cannot. We are doomed to a steady decline. The day will surely come when Cadillac SUVs, Lincolns, Mercedes, and macho Hummer gas-guzzlers are abandoned in supermarket lots. You will know the abandoned cars by the red tags tied to them: too many to tow away. But cheer up; there will be plenty of space for you in the mall because few people will be shopping.

The obvious question is: how can the billionaire class assert so much control over the middle class in a supposed democratic republic? How can we be so dumb? English students in Gaza asked me this question. They wanted to know why, if Americans are peaceful people, we do not assert our constitutional rights? Its not just the Gazan students...the whole world wonders what happened to democracy in America?

How do the haves keep the have-nots between the blades of the scissors? If every other country in the world can see that US foreign policy is both evil and self-destructive, as the polls show, why are the majority of Americans about to vote for more of the same?

This is not a commercial for John Kerry, who has not differenced himself enough from Mr. Bush to give anyone a choice. His history is not without compromises according to his own account, and he has stopped short of opposing serial wars.

But George W. Bush has as much as promised more wars on more Muslim Counties as soon as he is reelected. This may be the only election anyone can remember where a candidate has done so. Past politicians (I can name two or three) have always sworn they will keep us out of war, and they have done so at the very moment their primary supporters are planning to get us into a new one. The basic question is: who really wants war in our country?


The answer is not complicated, but it is diabolical. The "haves" invented a religious war making philosophy to control the have-nots. Ariel Sharon calls this philosophy "Christian Zionism." Pharisee Watch calls it "Judaized Christianity," a term found in the English translation of the Scriptures. The modern disease by this name metastasized in about 1895 under Theodore Herzl and others who are well known. But the Apostle Paul also contended with the same problem in the early church in the first century after Christ, referring to it in his letters to the Galatians. Webster's Dictionary defines "Judaized" as "one who conforms to the religion of the Jews." (Noah Webster, 1828 edition) (Note 3.)

Any election revolt against the Hegemony presently requires the support of the Judaized Christian churches. It is a mysterious voting mass (hardly a block) that crosses all denominations and combines for arguably up to 40 million votes. Judaized Christians often have little in common and are unified by only one issue, Israel. They are a mass 20 times more significant than either the Muslim or the Jewish vote.

It is reasonable to conclude that the Judaized Christians have been the swing vote in each of the last seven presidential elections, from Baptist, Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush. They do not vote solid Republican, as some have mistakenly claimed. The Judaized Christians elected Democrats Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton twice.

Judaized Christians (JC) are not unified around one party as we are often led to believe, but they are unified around the interest of a foreign country, Israel. As long as any politician can attach himself to Israel's interest he can count on most of this enormous mass of votes. The celebrity "Christian" media leaders let the Judaized Christians know who loves Israel the most. It worked for Carter once, Reagan twice, and for Bush, Sr., who rode in on Reagan's coattails, and who later lost to Clinton because the blatant pro-abortion libertine Bill Clinton carried a Bible under his arm and managed to convince the Judaized Christianity mass he was more passionately pro-Israel than Bush, Sr.

President George W. Bush, his campaigners, and the national media, all unashamedly bank on enticing the "evangelical" vote just as they did four years ago. If they are successful Bush will win in spite of the war weakened economy, a thousand dead without a cause to die for, his pandering of the Warmakers (now called the Neo-Cons), and his spoken commitment to destroy the Islamic countries one by one. The reason this works is that the Judaized Christians have been persuaded that the wars in the Middle East are necessary because each is in the best interest of Israel.

Judaized Christians have also been carefully tutored to think it is OK with Jesus to hate Muslims. "Hatred" is not too strong a word, but is totally alien to what Jesus teaches. This makes Judaized Christianity an oxymoron that makes no more sense to a logical mind than would a "friendly assault" or a "loving war." It is unlikely that John Kerry can overcome a 25 percent voting block. The Judaized Christians will sweep Bush back in office because he wears the twin pledges; he claims to be "born again," and he loves Israel (they think) more than life itself.


Judaized Christians always vote for more war and more inflation because they are led to believe each new war is good for Israel. They feel they must do this for the sake of their own personal salvation and to win "God's favor" over America. Many are indoctrinated (by celebrity leaders) that eternal life with Jesus requires that they demonstrate their love for Israel. They are the only mass that actually vote with the interest of a foreign power in mind.

Judaized Christians will likely sweep G. W. Bush back in office unless Mr. Kerry manages to convince some significant percentage of them that he is more pro-Israel than Bush. Mr. Kerry's strongest assets are his good choice of a second wife, and the assumption that he apparently learned to hate war though he did not always vote his conscience. Unfortunately, he is currently playing down one of his few virtues in hopes of a chance to share the Judaized Christian war vote!

Pharisee Watch is an observer, not a political analyst, so the following statement should be viewed accordingly. Any chance John Kerry has of being elected require that he immediately denounce the war in every respect, including admitted he, Kerry, was wrong in supporting the attack on Afghanistan in the first place. He would have to promise to bring the military home and end Iraq on the day he is elected. Even then he will probably lose, but he might...just might find enough disgruntled and dissected evangelicals (some of whom are registered Democrats) to swing the balance. But only if he is able to convince them that war is also not good for Israel either! This happens to be true, as many Israelis admit.

Presently there is no candidate to tell the pubic that wars are wrong. The logic of the Judaized Christians is false from a biblical point of view, and it is enormously self-destructive. Strangely enough, the vast majority of JC's themselves live between the blades of the scissors. They are vulnerable to dilution, and it is their sons and daughters who are being killed in Iraq. They are subtly taught from youth that they must support the state of Israel regardless of the personal cost. Kerry should appeal to those who can understand this letter, and forget the rest. -(end of uncompensated political advise to the Kerry campaign)

Approaching Judaized Christians on a logical, secular or factual basis is next to impossible because they believe they are acting out their faith, and war to them is a worthwhile sacrifice if they think it is "Gods war." And if it is Israel's war, it has to be God's war because they believe Israelis are "chosen of God." Logical arguments and documents about the death count on both sides, histories of the various parties, errors and lies by our government rarely work, for a committed Judaized Christian will simply call it "God's will," and will probably quote an Old Testament Bible prophesy to prove God planned the war himself. All of this is based on falsification of the Bible itself.

To end serial wars and dilution, we must find a way to change the thinking of the Judaized Christians. The task seems impossible, but we know "with God all things are possible." This letter and others like it need to be read by every one of them.


This is why Project Strait Gate was formed out of We Hold These Truths. Its purpose is to expose the abhorrent religious heresies that fuel Judaized Christianity. We want to deliver our message into the willing hands of those influential few in every church who already know we are right. We know they are present in every church because this writer use to be one of them, as did several of our advisors. This remnant that has not been fooled needs a method and a program to convince their peers of what they have learned. Strait Gate Ministries hopes to generate the resources to reach this powerful few, in which there is hope with God's help.

The vulnerability of the Judaized Christians is that each one is working against its own interest. They are undermining the very values of peace, justice, and morality that they claims to love. They are applying the muscle to close the scissor blades that are systematically snipping off their own parts. Most importantly, their biblical positions are unsound and unsupportable in traditional New Testament scripture, and are in some cases abhorrent to Jesus' own words.

Let me make the point with an illustration. Last year, a man named Charles Henry and this author made a two-day trip from Washington, DC to Lynchburg, VA. There the two of us organized a vigil at Liberty University for its giant pastors' and leaders' conference. It featured Falwell himself and nationally known celebrity "Christian" leaders, and it filled the hotels in cities around.

Charles told me on the long drive from Washington that he had placed three sons in Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, and three had graduated. Later he discovered the heresy of Judaized Christianity taught at the college and in his own church, and he was determined to take a stand on the sidewalks even if there were only the two of us there, he said.

Charles then shared the story of his own Judaized Christian church. He explained that he had slowly awakened to the serious problems of false teaching from the pulpit, and of many associated problems he did not detail. Charles spoke out quietly at deacons' and business meetings, being careful never to undercut authority. He was disappointed that few if any rose to support him, and finally he left the church to find another. But he did not go without first preparing a letter carefully detailing the problems of the church and pastor, as he saw them.

A short time later Charles said he was amazed to find his letter had done what his quiet appeals had not. A large number of the congregation walked out taking their support with them, and throwing the church into a financial and leadership quandary. The remaining deacons came alive, fired the pastor, and asked Charles to return.

Charles' story was an inspiration to me of the power of one. That day the two of us, with two more local volunteers, set up a vigil outside the gates of Falwell University. The police did us a favor by ignoring us when we tied our oversized yellow and black billboards to utility poles, Burma shave style, on the only road into the campus. Our signs read, BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS; CHOOSE LIFE NOT WAR; APOSTLE, NOT APOSTASY; IRAQ, WHAT WOULD JESUS DO; and of course our own STRAIT GATE PROJECT logo sign.

Charles and I talked to students and visiting pastors non-stop for four hours. As many as 7,000 streamed past the two of us, and there is not doubt many heard us. Visiting pastors got the message that someone knows Liberty University supports war in Iraq and Palestine, and rejects it as apostasy. (See endnotes.)

Strait Gate Ministries is not interested in destroying evangelicalism; most of us are evangelicals, as is Charles. By evangelical we simply mean we want others to believe what we do about Christ. Our purpose is to return our faith to the fundamentals that the Apostle Paul taught and that Jesus dictated. Our approach is a scriptural one. We have carefully studied the scriptural excuses used to justify the false teaching that Israel is part of Christianity. We reject this as did the early hero's of Christianity did. It is not in the Christian Bible!

Most Judaized Christians accept without question the unsupportable claim that the State of Israel is a fulfillment of biblical prophesy. As such today's Israel becomes tethered to their expectation for personal salvation, insomuch as most are taught that anti-Semitism is a "sin," a sort of 11th. Commandment. It is written into the footnotes of their favorite version of their study bibles. Not to love Israel enough is to invite judgment, even as a nation. These ideas could not exist before 1948 because there was no State of Israel. They are inculcated into almost every study bible, beginning with C .I.Scofieldin1962Edition.

If Judaized Christianity can recover from its heresy it will regain its patriotic, pro-American, moral voting patterns that it was known for before Israel became a state in 1948. We have no reason to believe that evangelicals would not then vote and act at least as intelligently and patriotically as the population as a whole. They, like secular Americans, would finally put America's interests first and demand that our politicians stop supporting Israel's war agenda.


Project Strait Gate's believes its approach cannot fail because it is based on New Testament scripture. Followers of Christ, demonstrating patience and love, as Jesus did, and with the help of Muslims seeking their own best interest, can and will unwind the error of Judaized Christianity that is destroying our country and the peace of the world.

Distribution of this paper is a step in the right direction. Over much resistance we have now reached 200,000 Christian leaders. And our aim is to reach one million or more before the November Presidential election, and to continue on thereafter regardless of the results. We can only do this with greatly increased support from our readers.

Project Strait Gate also believes in activism to attract attention to our cause. We have organized activist Vigils challenging and picketing over 40 large churches and Judaized Christian conferences, including two in Lynchburg, Virginia. Its latest Vigil and picket was at a Billy Graham Crusade organizational meeting in Fresno, California.

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