PHARISEE WATCH:Presb Church(U.S.A.) Sanctions Israel

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 27/08/2004 - 22:30

Our latest PHARISEE WATCH: "Terminate the Final Crusade", has received many responses and is being reprinted. The post on the website is "corrected." Please take note: The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in fact, passed the resolutions divesting of companies assets that do business in Israel, and it condemning Israel's prison wall. They deserve the credit. Not The Presbyterian Church of America, as I originally stated. The latter is recent split off from the old P.C.U.S.A. group.

I will post some excellent letters from Presbyterians around the world who have corrected me on this important detail. The resolutions are worth reading, and the PC U.S.A.'S factual analysis of the Israeli problem may be the best ever from a major church group.
Charles E. Carlson

Friday, August 27, 2004

From Charles E. Carlson

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I cannot express the importance of what our volunteers are doing to accelerate our efforts!

We are in the process of sending our Pharisee Watch to many thousands of new persons via Internet. Most of the addresses are provided by friends who send lists to us. In addition, several volunteers are now systematically collecting addresses of key individuals we need to reach. In August volunteers furnished new addresses of churches, educational organizations, the media, pro-life groups and home school families. About 34,000 pieces were sent to Presbyterians last night from the work of two volunteers in August! Collecting addresses is entirely legal, it is the way of the day.

Some recipients are business leaders, as we found from recent editorials by MOB on the oil scam in the Mideast brought replies from Halliburton employees and business associates, who wrote supporting Halliburton's business ethics.

We are not in the "spam" business, we are victims of piles of porno-spam and scheme mail very day. We now average 1000 incoming pieces a day that we must dodge and trash. Much of this mail that we receive clearly violates the new federal law that, for the first time, defines what "spam" is and what it is not.

We do not need to violate any laws.

There is a hidden encouragement in the lists friends send to us; almost every list we received surprisingly already contains some of our subscribers! But our subscriptions are free, they do not pay for themselves...each is an educational gift to the readers.

It is the professing evangelical "Christian" Enablers who have the power and the votes to end serial wars in a heartbeat. We have the key...we know what to say. They must seek what Jesus would do, and that means they must stop funding their Christian-Zionist leader.

We have dozens of papers, books and tapes on the subject.

WHTT/ Strait Gate Ministries needs to pay for equipment and expansion right now. Our new website is about to be delivered, and our sending cost are up 300%. We thank those who we know are helping sacrificially. There is no other way to put it, we must have your support.

Please make a donation or book purchase if you possible can. You may phone in orders or gifts by Credit card, send checks to Strait Gate Ministries, or go to our website to buy books or make a credit card donation, but please do it now!

One final note: If you would like to volunteer, please be persistent.

Call me, 480 947 3329, or 602 741 4650.



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