(PNEWS) Behind the Invasion of Iraq

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Misinforming the Masses
Topic: propaganda

"The global crisis of overproduction is showing up the underlying weakness of the United States real economy, as a result of which U.S. trade and budget deficits are galloping. The euro now poses a credible alternative to the status for the dollar as the global reserve currency, threatening the United States' crucial ability to fund its deficits by soaking up the world's savings.


October 23, 2004

The United States anticipates that the capture of Iraq, and whatever else it has in store for the region, will directly benefit its corporations (oil, arms, engineering, financial) even as it shuts out the coporations from other imperialist countries. Further, it intends to prevent the bulk of petroleum trade from being conducted in euros and thus maintain the dollar's supremacy (in military terms and in control of strategic resources) will prevent the emergence of any serious imperialist challenger such as the EU. In that sense the present campaign is in line with the Pentagon's 1992 Defense Planning Guidance, which called for preventing any other major power from acquiring the strength to develop into a challenger ot the United State's solitary supremacy. (A European foothold even in Iran could bring about a euro-based oil economy; this perhaps explains the puzzling inclusion of Iraqn in the `axis of evil.'" -- The Research Unit for Political Economy - (Behind the Invasion of Iraq)


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