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Submitted by Editor on Mon, 15/11/2004 - 23:21

Robert Parry wrote an interesting essay last year about the Matrix and false reality as it relates to America's false reality. It all seems very surreal, what is happening in the world and the way it is told to us by this administration. As Parry points out, "Logic rarely applies" in this Matric reality.


November 15, 2004


Robert Parry wrote:
"Many Americans so enjoyed the TV-driven nationalism of the Iraq War, for instance, that they didnt want it spoiled by reality. During the conflict, they objected to news outlets showing mangled bodies or wounded children or U.S. POWs. Presenting the ugly face of war was seen as unpatriotic or somehow disloyal to the troops. Only positive images were welcome and dissent was deemed almost treasonous."

He says facts have lost their value. Who cares about the truth? There is a chasm between fact and fantasy and it is too great to close with any kind of American swan song.

When your senses tell you one thing and you are told something else there becomes a point in time when it all seems to run together. The shop manual for George W. Bush and Co is Orwell's 1984.

I heard the figure last night on TV. 38 Americans died in the battle for Falujah. They said about 1,200 "insurgents" died - but there is no idea how many civilians died because the military has said and Washington has said, they don't count civilian deaths. Can you imagine? If already 100,000 have died in this war, how many more died in Falujah considering that 38 U.S. marines and soldiers died -- and that is a low number because they NEVER factor in how many were wounded who died on the way to the hospital or in treatment.

The truth is the resistance in Falujah moved on to other cities. And this president who is making us safer just created tens of thousands of new "insurgents" when Bush gave the order (he is the Idiot-In-Chief) to bomb those mosques in Falujah.

There is that other false reality that George Bush won the election and there were no voting irregularities but certainly not enough to change the outcome of the election. Kerry said he wanted to count every vote and then caved in before they were counted. So much for backing the war hero and truth seeker. Maybe I should have gone with my gut and thrown my vote away again for Nader but at least I'd sleep better knowing I wasn't conned by the little less right wing Democratics who wouldn't even go the extra mile for me like they promised to do. The Gore reality was not going to be the Kerry reality.

How can anyone feel good about anything that is happening?

My granddaughter's boy friend joined the army to go to school. The recruiters promised him he would not go to Iraq or Afghanistan. How foolish he was to believe them. He just received his orders. They are for Afghanistan. I was once that foolish too but it was a different time. We (many of us) actually believed our government then. But how could anyone believe them today? How could he be so foolish to believe them when they said, we won't send you into harm's way. We won't send you to kill people. Hey kids. That is what the military does. It kills people.

This reality of "supporting the troops" is the same reality as supporting young Germans in World War II because they were patriotic Germans - in spite of the fact that they were gassing Jews, Gays, the disabled, and non-aryans and if they participated in that they were as guilty of war crimes as those who guarded the camps or turned on the gas or shot innocent civilians.

Anyone who volunteers for the military today is making a bad choice but it is their choice and we do not/should not support them. We should support bringing them home because it will not only save their lives, it will save the lives of all those they might kill because that is what they have been taught to do.

I'm not only discouraged by the false reality in the world I have inherited but I'm disgusted with all those who just go along and say we have to support the president, we can't dispute the election, we have to stay the course, we have to support the troops. Bullshit! I don't have to accept their false reality.


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