(PNEWS) George Bush Needs Therapy

Submitted by Editor on Sat, 04/09/2004 - 22:06

Saddam Hussein ...provided FREE medical care, from cradle to grave, and if medicines could still get through the sanctions (and many didn't) they were still free.


September 4, 2004

George Bush says they hate us because we are free. They hate us because if this is modernization, they want no part of it.

And the Iraqis never attacked us. Al-Qaeda attacked us, but who in this Republicangovernment gives a damn about truth? If if anyone does, George isn't listening.

George Bush plans to have a U.S brand new system, under which everyone will have access to medical care, ONLY if they can afford it -- Saddam also provided many jobs. The American administration fired everyone and is reconstituting the military and the police. Anyone who was a member of the previous government was not being rehired. (That didn't work either)

There won't be many jobs for many Iraqis --- Saddam also provided free schools including university -- The U.S. media claims Saddam murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and buried them in mass graves.

What the U.S. media doesn't tell you is the U.S. encouraged insurrection and Saddam put down that revolt and many of those who were killed were the result of U.S. intervention. What the U.S. media doesn't tell you is that while hundreds of thousands were killed by Saddam's regime, many more than that died as a direct result of the immoral sactions imposed on Iraq's civilian population by the United States. -- It is ironic that under Saddam Hussein, Saddam emptied the jails by freeing everyone and he gave everyone guns. Under American occupation, they're filling up the jails and they were taking away the guns. (September 3, 2004)

* George Bush is in Need of Mental Health Therapy


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