(PNEWS) Illusion of Democracy

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 10/11/2004 - 19:19

In 2004 when electors did go to the polls they chose the worse alternative of two similar parties; they chose, unless those claims that the election was stolen for which there appears to be some credibility, a backlash response to their perception of "liberalism" and their vote was a populist, right-wing propaganda driven, protest of the preceived excesses of modernism (progress), i.e., teaching evolution, gay marriage, right to bear assault weapons, abortion; and to affirm their belief in Christianity, prayer everywhere, Christian images everywhere, capital punishment and war to make others free like us, etc.

November 10, 2004


If we are to believe the analysis, the majority voted against their own economic interests and gave away the store to the Republicans. They made their vote a gift to the rich. Maybe this is what they deserve -- but 49% of us who voted against Bush do not deserve this.

* The Illusion of Democracy

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