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The aims and ideological opposition to Israel and Jews are different for Muslims than they are for Christianity. Muhammad attempted to convert the Jews and failed. Islam never got over their rejection.


August 21, 2004

!!!Jihad to Dhimmitude

"Britain protected the Jews and Zionism, but did so in order to supplant France or Russia in Palestine. After having received the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine in 1922, it wasted no time in partitioning it in order to offer three-quarters of the land to Abdallah, a son of the deposed Sharif of Mecca. The strict restrictions placed on the emigration of Jews to Palestine by the 1939 White Paper--"the violation of the pledge"-- condemned many of them to death in Europe. Britain, after having protected and utilized Zionism for its own imperial ends--now at the zenith of its prestige and power--intended to destroy it, thus sacrificing the Jews to its Arab interests." (Excerpted from "The following is from `The decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam: From Jihad to Dhimmitude Seventh-Twentieth Century' Contributors: Miriam Kochan - transltr, David Littman - transltr, Bat Yeor published by Fairleigh Dickinson University Press - 1996)

"In 1948, Israel seemed threatened with the Armenian fate when the armies of several Arab states attempted to destroy it under the vindictive eyes of Britain, humiliated at having been booted out of Palestine by its "protégés." A century after the wars of the Turks against the Greeks, Bulgarians, Slavs, and Armenians, Arab reprisals fell on the defenseless Jewish communities of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, and North Africa. But unlike the Turks who, after their harsh defeats, were able to accept the independence of their former tributary nations, Arab peoples--whose ancestors created the jihad and the dhimma--are still challenging the legitimacy of the State of Israel." (ibid)

"The struggle against dhimmitude was waged by unarmed peoples, their bodies broken by oppression, their spirit humiliated and dimmed by centuries of degradation. Notwithstanding fratricidal betrayals as well as being duped by their allies who played on their weaknesses and challenged by implacable enemies, they still managed to raise themselves from slavery to freedom." (ibid)

!!The Theory of Jihad

Jihad is a religious precept.

There are several schools of Muslim jurisprudence. An important current in Islamic law maintains that it is preferable to invite the enemy to embrace Islam before beginning hostilities and when he does not accept the religion of Islam to go to war against him. There is an alternative in Islamic law whereby the non-Muslim is provided with protection in return for payment, which they call jizya (a form of tax) on non-Muslims, who are then considered a form of citizen with certain rights and obligations, but not equal to Muslims.

"It is incumbent upon us to fight the enemy without inquiring as to whether we shall be under the command of a pious or depraved leader. There is no inconvenience to kill white non-Arabs who have been taken prisoner. But no one can be executed after having been granted the aman . The promises made to them must not be broken. Women and non-pubescents will not be executed. One will avoid killing monks and rabbis unless they have taken part in battle. Women also will be executed if they have participated in the fighting. The aman granted by the humblest Muslim must be recognized by others (Muslims). A Women and a non-pubescent child can also grant the aman when they are aware of its significance. However, according to another opinion, it is only valid if confirmed by the imam. The imam will retain a fifth of the booty captured by the Muslims in the course of warfare and he will share the remaining four fifths among the soldiers of the army. Preferably, the apportioning will take place on enemy ground." (-- by Ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani) (ibid)

In Islam, jihad is a holy obligation, a religious duty.

"In the Muslim community, the holy war is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the mission and convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force. Therefore, caliphate and royal authority are united (in Islam), so that the person in charge can devote the available strength to both of them (religion and politics) at the same time." (ibid)

Where Jews and Christians considered war a defense, Muslims considered it a religous duty to conquer those who would not convert or accept Islamic protection and pay a tax for that protection.


As to booty, that was also spelled out clearly in the Koran and Sunna.

"The state's revenues, which have their origins in the Koran and Sunna, are three in number: booty , charity , and the fay." (Booty and Spoils are discussed in the Koran)

"The booty consists of spoils taken from the infidels by force. Allah has established their statutes in the sura, al-Anfal (Koran 8: The Spoils), which he revealed at the time of the battle of Badr and to which he gave the precise name al-Anfal because the booty represents an increase in the wealth of the Muslims. Allah said: "They will question thee concerning the spoils. Say: 'The spoils belong to God and the Messenger. . .'" Koran 8: 1 >." (ibid)

"In the two Sahihs (the two canonical collections of religious traditions], the Prophet said according to Jabir b. Abd Allah:

"I have been endowed with five gifts, which no other Prophet has received before me. I have triumphed through terror for a period of a month. The earth has been made for me a mosque and purity; any individual from my community who is overtaken by prayertime can pray wherever he may be. I received permission to take booty, a privilege that was never accorded to any of my predecessors. I received the gift of intercession. The prophets who preceded me were sent only to their own peoples; I was sent to all mankind."

Islam became popular and Muhammad a leader who promised rewards of booty. At the time when the powerful empires were at peace and withdrawing from the lands they occupied, those who were there were becoming impoverished -- as peace does that - and trade routes were less important to Rome and to Persia so Muhammad made promises of enrichment and this was motivation to follow him.

The Prophet said:

"I was sent with the sword before the Day of Resurrection so that all men may serve only Allah, without associates. My resources have been put in the shadow of my spear. Those who opposed my orders have had degradation and humiliation as their lot. He who wishes to resemble these people must be considered as one of them". (p. 27 - 28 )

The Fay

"The fay is based on the following verses from the sura, al-Hashr (The Mustering), which Allah revealed at the time of the expedition against the Banu Nadir, 1 after the battle of Badr." (ibid)

Allah said:

"And whatever spoils of war God has given unto His Messenger from them, against that you pricked neither horse nor camel; but God gives authority to His Messengers over whomsoever He will. God is powerful over everything. Whatsoever spoils of war God has given to His Messenger from the people of the cities belongs to God, and his Messenger, and the near kinsman, orphans, the needy and the traveller . . ." (Koran 59:6)

"These possessions received the name of fay since Allah had taken them away from the infidels in order to restore (afa'a, radda) them to the Muslims. In principle, Allah has created the things of this world only in order that they may contribute to serving Him, since He created man only in order to be ministered to. Consequently, the infidels forfeit their persons and their belongings which they do not use in Allah's service to the faithful believers who serve Allah and unto whom Allah restitutes what is theirs; thus is restored to a man the inheritance of which he was deprived, even if he had never before gained possession." (ibid)

"In this category the capitation tax to be paid by Jews and Christians is to be included; the contributions imposed on certain enemy countries or the presents that they offer the sultan of the Muslims, such as for example, the palladium made by certain Christian countries; the tithes paid by the merchants of countries within the territory of war (dar al-harb); the five percent tax levied on the protected peoples who trade outside of their country of origin ; the payments imposed on the people of the Book who violate their covenant of protection; the land tax that originally concerned only the People of the Book, but was applied later, in part, to certain Muslims." (ibid)

"Under the heading fay were also grouped all the possessions of the state that form the patrimony of the Muslims, like the possessions that have no particular owners: heirless goods, usurped goods, loans and deposits whose owners it is impossible to find, and, more generally, all personal and real estate that belongs to Muslims and that is in a similar situation. All property of this type constitutes the patrimony of the Muslims. (pp.34 - 36)" (ibid)

The promise of these rewards were enticements:

"Concerning the men "whose hearts are to be won over" (by gifts), they can be either infidels or Muslims. If they are infidels, it is hoped that by these gifts an advantage may be obtained: for example, to induce them to convert, or avoid some misfortune, on condition that it is impossible to act otherwise. If they are influential Muslims, it is hoped that some benefit will arise such as strengthening their conversion, forcing it on one of their fellows, enlisting their support in order to obtain the payment of the sadaqa from another group that has refused its payment, inflicting harm on an enemy or preventing him from harming Islam, providing always that this result cannot be achieved except at this cost." (ibid)

Muhammad asserted that Christianity and Judaism were less powerful and did not achieve perfection as Islam had exactly because they were less aggressive and did not obtain from their behavior the rewards which were great under Allah and promised by Muhammad to the people of the region impoverished by the withdrawal of empires who were then at peace.

"The two other revealed religions were enfeebled by their incapacity to fulfil themselves, or through the fear that their followers experienced in the face of necessary ordeals. Consequently, these religions appeared devoid of power and greatness to men, who then understood that they were incapable of ensuring their own happiness as well as that of others. These two erroneous paths are those of men who have embraced a faith without perfecting it with all that is necessary for its own existence; power, jihad, material resources--or that of men who have sought power, fortune, or war without having had as their goal the triumph of religion. These two paths are those of men who have incurred divine anger, and those of men who have gone astray. One is that of the Christians who, in their error, have wandered astray; the other is that of the Jews, who have incurred the divine anger.The straight path is only that of the prophets, saints , martyrs, and the piouss. It is the path of our Prophet Muhammad, his caliphs, companions, their followers, and out forebears who have shown us the way: the Muhajir, the Ansar, and the faithful of the second generation. Allah has reserved for them gardens where running water flows and where they will abide through all eternity. That is the supreme triumph. (p. 178 ) Ibn Taymiya 1. One of the three principal Jewish tribes of Medina expelled by Muhammad in 625." (ibid)

Only by converting could they save their lives. The Jews refused and were thus removed from the holy cities and banned from them forever. Muhammad was successful in converting many of the pagan tribes to follow him in his conquests.

"Every polytheistic people with whom Islam has made peace on condition that they recognize its authority, are subjected to the division of spoils and pay the kharaj as a tributary (people)..." (ibid)

There have been many Reformations in Islam, but unlike Jewish and Christian Reformation, they have not been successful nor enduring and many of the poor people of Islamic countries are returning to a more basic, fundamentalist, original interpretation of Islam as can be seen by the popularity of jihadist Islamic schools (which promise greater rewards in heaven) and paramilitary organizations, i.e. al-Qaeda and similar groups.

Hank Roth

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