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Submitted by Editor on Thu, 21/10/2004 - 19:40

I don't remember an election like this. I don't remember a president like this either, not in my lifetime. I've known a lot of presidents and some prime ministers. For awhile in my life I worked for president in the white house. I also worked for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. And I was active in organizations which brought me close to several Israeli prime ministers in those years when it was a lot easier to maintain one's idealism and things were more black and white; the way George Bush likes it. But today nothing is so simple, nothing is either black or white, and Israel got off the socialst track and doesn't seem to be the haven it once was for Jews escaping from oppression in Europe. And the gap between rich and poor there today is as great and shameful as it is in the United States today. And the fundamentalists seem to control the playing field and innocent people are dying. Just like here....


Friday, October 22, 2004

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Today the only thing that is black and white is the struggle between class -- and the selfishness for profits (before any concern for people) which come from their businesses, which must be protected at any cost in the Amerikkkan Imperialist Empire, by poor white and black kids -- like it always has been. During the Revolution, the rich bought their way out of the war. In today's wars they do the same.

Some things don't change. It is just as easy today for the ruling class to convince the proletariat that defending the rich ruling elite is in their best interest when of course it isn't (trickle down is a scam) and the poor will never get rich unless they inherit or steal their money - which many have done.

The more well-do-do middle-class, are the first to grasp that postulate and populate activist and other alternative organizations and left-wing currents (there is also a right-wing oppositional backlash), forming the base for the opposition to power. There is a class struggle and it is a constant.

Sometimes the progressives in society triumph and sometimes they ebb. The response today has been massive but not enough to overcome the backlash which is almost entirely predicated on values. The values which George W. Bush's constituency have in common with power are what divides the progressive movement from the vast majority of people. It is religion and strong faith as the all-encompassing answer to earthly pain and suffering, opposition to abortion, support for the 2nd Amendment, support for capital punishment, against science and oppose steps to reduce pain and suffering and save lives, a disdain for gay and lesbians and consequently a staunch opposition to same-sex marriage. All these things put the vast majority of people in the same camp with their own oppressors, the ruling elite (who I think some of them feel much less abut these issues than they do about the economic status quo and maintaining it).

I think maybe sometimes we just don't get mad enough. We tend to hold a lot of the anger inside. It is important to realize that we are in turmoil which the other side may take more serious than we do. We can't just go along with it. What happens when we do, many are learning now, is the human cost is too high. Besides the cost in health and survival becoming a real issue, the entire world is at risk by economic terrorism aided and abetted by the policies which deregulate industries, nullify important environmental treaties, and let the earth and the air and the water be raped and become unsafe, which multinationals rake in huge profits from this carefree attitude about the ecosphere we call earth. So, we must not stop. We must continue to fightback.

The anti-abortionists don't care about life or they would, each one of them, adopt a handicapped child - or volunteer to financially support one. How many do?

They call themselves pro-life but support death because they are almost all of them favoring capital punishment - even though the vast majority of those on death row are black and white collar crime causes more harm and brings many who are in prison to commit the crime -- where we have the largest prison population in the world and many (most)  of the capitalist criminals walk while others languish in jails where today it is possible, a gift from George W. Bush, to put anyone, even dissidents, in jail without charges, under the Patriot Act, and they literally throw away the key.

As a veteran I have seen so many changes over the last almost 4 years which have degraded veteran services to the point of almost being non-existent and in some instances outright dangerous to a veterans' health. While all hospitals are dangerous places, the risk for using a VA hospital today is up and it is becoming worse. Now George Bush wants to screw up social security as much as he has harmed the VA and as much as he has put us in a quagmire in Iraq.

I already voted. While not favoring the system; we damn sure don't have democracy -- and the electoral college is flawed, the Supreme Court ideologically tainted and corrupt(ed) by political agenda, and we have so much fraud in the election process we should trash the entire system and turn it over to another country, like St Kitts, to mediate. We'd be better off. (But not much)


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