(PNEWS) The Moral High Ground

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 14/11/2004 - 14:46

Fight The Right! - The people of the United States are "united" to support these wars, as always happens in U.S. wars. They are behind the president - enough so much as to elect him to a second term in 2004, and because of values they said, but we all have values -- But, especially to "Stay the Course" because in war sitting presidents are not changed, including the special interest congress.


November 11, 2004


However, morally, the U.S. is in the gutter.

How many civilians is it all right to kill to secure our OIL and pipeline and revenge all at the same time?

* This is an unjust world, described by George Orwell, where only money and power rule


Vote Hacked - The list of evidence is growing that the US election was anything but a fair vote. Who could possibly think that all of these voting problems are just a minor aberation? The long lines are always in Democratic counties, that the computer ’glitches’ always favor Bush, and the new e-machines were made by a Bush ’Pioneer’ (top donor) that pledged to deliver for Bush. Funny how Diebold makes bank machines which print paper receipts millions of times daily, but they couldn’t get the printer to work in the voting machines.

* Closed Source Code Vote Fraud


Reading what Clinton said and did you might think you are reading about George W. Bush, but this was Bill Clinton who dropped the bombs on civilians and it was Bill Clinton who told Americans that terrorists target the United States "because of what we stand for." It was Bill Clinton who acted as if he had a divine mandate to kill Muslims. Nothing much changes. Only the party and the players, but the game stays exactly the same and will be the same until the left realizes you can't reform a systemically flawed system. We must change it.

* The emperor can burn down villages, but the people are forbidden to even light a candle


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