(PNEWS) POINTER: Not Going to Put Up with Stolen Elections

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 29/11/2004 - 23:45

Ukrainians, new to democracy, aren't putting up with a stolen election. We have much to learn from them:


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From: Barney Lyon

Sadly, the American election was almost a carbon copy of the Ukranian one and this point will certainly be raised in future arguments. Most elections lately seem to be less than satisfactory and this is something that needs to be looked at much closer in future. Too many people are getting cheated by politicians and winning power without the help of voters. Either by cheating with the voting system, or using unfair tactics in their campaigns (or both!)

It is a pity that the people who have the real power to change this, the voters, don't realize what is happening. But maybe in the Ukraine they do and this may produce an example for others to follow?


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