(PNEWS) Relying on one Wing of Political Power

Submitted by Editor on Tue, 30/11/2004 - 21:27

Although the bankruptcy of the Democratic Party as a force for progress has seldom been clearer, do not expect the opponents of socialist revolution on the left to forsake their endless quest for a left reformer from the ranks of the Democrats.


"Egalitarian \"Progressive\" News & Views"

29 Nov 2004


It is precisely the move to vote Democratexpressed this year through the Anybody but Bush sentimentthat has bolstered the fortunes of the Republican right. Such a move is consciously designed as a substitute for class and social struggle, advocating that workers and the oppressed place their confidence in capitalist politicians instead of relying on their own power and organizations. The role of black and progressive Democrats, like those who addressed antiwar rallies, is to head off any possibility of social struggle and to direct discontent toward the ballot box. The absence of class and social strugglethe kinds of struggles that can transcend racial, ethnic and religious divisionsprovides the basis for the racist fundamentalists to gain ground.

Certainly there is plenty to fight against. Increased attacks on working people will surely follow the election, including attacks on wages, on Social Security, on medical care, on education, on the right to abortion and, quite simply, on the freedom to protest without the threat of jail time. But it is no less true that these attacks have been in process for three decades under the governance of both Republicans and Democrats. The truthas explained by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engelsis that working people will only face increasing misery and oppression unless they rise in combat against the capitalist order and overturn it through socialist revolution.


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