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"Each day, 40,000 children around the world die from poverty - and war related killers such as malnutrition and disease. Their deaths, and many adult deaths are preventable with a shift in government priorities. `The numbers stand in long rows like tombstones, monuments to the lives lost to society's neglect': 14 million children die yearly of preventable disease; 100 million people have no shelter; 900 million are illiterate." --Sivard, ("World Military and Social Expenditures") -- 1990; Holly Sklar - ("Brave New World Order")


October 23, 2004

Did Germans question Hitler in German's democracy?

What evidence did this administration have that Osama bin Laden ordered the attack on Washington? Does anyone here remember ever being presented with that evidence? I'm not saying he didn't, but I don't remember seeing the evidence, do you?

What we do know is even in Afghanistan, we easily killed as many people with our bombing as the terrorists killed with theirs. George W. Bush not only dispises gay marriage he must hate Muslim marriages because he bombed enough of them.

Remember that commercial, "Where is the beef?" Well, where is it?

SEVERAL LEGAL SCHOLARS, who have seen all there is to see, which would constitute the government's case say it wouldn't hold up in court. And that is why they want to take their cases to military tribunals ---- so they can continue to cover up their lies.

What happened to: "If they can't convict, they must acquit."

If the evidence isn't even circumstantial enough to convict in court it can't be much. And if it is, why didn't George W. Bush accept the Taliban's offer to turn over Osama bin Laden to a third country? The offer was made and ignored.

Why didn't the George W. Bush take the Taliban's offer to show them the evidence?

Why did the administration simply make demands which violated Pashtun tribal law? AND IT DID. There has been NO respect for their culture.

Regardless of how bad these people are, and no one is doubting that, it still does not give us the moral or ethical right to ignore their culture and demand of them what we would not allow someone else to demand from us.

Bush is not a lawyer, but the people who work for him are lawyers and they certainly should know better than he does what would be acceptable and what we need to do to uphold our higher standards of justice and integrity. But, what the heck. We are talking about chicken hawk Republicans, after all, and their creed is the "end justifies the means". It is one of the very, very small things that we perceive separates the Democrats from the Republicans.

George W. Bush has been fighting duals. He challenges weak countries to a dual and then uses someone else to serve as his second and fight those duals for him. He uses Americans and the British (and not to forget the Poles). George W. uses militarism to achieve popularity and to insure oil profits. And that kind of policy always results in hurting people. Our priorities should be with helping people.

Hank Roth

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