power4parents.org is chugging along nicely

Submitted by Toni Lancaster on Mon, 23/07/2007 - 17:38

The www.power4parents.org web site has had numerous visits since it was launched, which is positive. By looking at the stats, Yahoo and Google have crawled the site vigorously to index it for their search engines.

The Forum has kicked off to a very good start. Things were slow at first, but new ventures need to have a starting point.

A tentative link for problem CSOs seems to already have been found, particularly on the Gold Coast. I am hoping to investigate this further.

power4parents.org has made a beginning on MySpace. If the profile view and Blog read totals are correct, quite a few individuals have been taking notice in the past week since power4parents.org was registered on MySpace.

You can view the profile and read the Blogs at www.myspace.com/power4parents

Today the power4parents.org Group was created. Hopefully this will be another avenue for parents to shake off the unnecessary stigma of being involved with DoCS and allow themselves to step forth and be listened to and make their voice heard.

The Group is at groups.myspace.com/power4parents

I've still got the flu I came down with 5 weeks ago, so my plans have fallen behind for a real-time chat facility and research into a possible fighting fund for parents who can't get Legal Aide.



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