power4parents.org is launched!

Submitted by Toni Lancaster on Fri, 13/07/2007 - 15:58

The power4parents.org web site is finally launched!


This site is designed for all parents who are involved with DoCS and all parents who are concerned citizens.

Please be advised that the site is still in "fledgeling" stage and there may be odd errors here and there. Errors will be fixed as they are found.

A forum and web form for contacting power4parents.org will be online by Monday or Tuesday. A real time chat facility is also coming and should be online early next week.

Please visit the site and pass on the URL to everyone you know.

User input is welcome, so keep the site bookmarked and feel free to submit information once the contact page is online.

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Submitted by Toni Lancaster on Sat, 14/07/2007 - 17:38.

Hey Lisa,

Glad you had a chance to view the site.

We're trying to work on promotion of the site now and there are a few ideas being tossed about.

Parents can add www.power4parents.org to signatures they use on their email. This will help and it's a simple thing to do. Just having it there will generate curiosity and people will click the link to see what it's all about.

We're hoping to get to the point where the site becomes well known, but it's going to take some effort in promotion first before the site begins to promote itself.

We've got ideas on how the site is going to evolve, including funding for parents who can't get Legal Aide. This won't be tomorrow but it will be somewhere down the line.

Baby steps first.

We're currently ironing out an email problem so that the email address which has been set up is OK for when the contact web form is finished. We're expecting the web form and the forum to be done by Monday or Tuesday.

We're also looking into a real time chat feature.

Just What We've Needed...

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Sat, 14/07/2007 - 13:00.

Thanks Toni for the great website and keep up this fantastic effort for us all!

I for one, will be directing as many parents as I can to it and also pass onto you any links from other sites ie. there's a private site for DoCS South Australia that someone has made, and it includes a lot of 'other' information - available for all to comment and come involved.

Support is what I take you are offering with your Power4Parents site and this is what we are all in no doubt need of immediately.

Whatever we can do to contribute will be passed on as if we all stay 'connected' we can remain up to date with everything in a much more organised manner.

Thanx again Toni for this wonderful, much needed effort. I look forward to the chat and hope to be able to provide links from the Legislative side of things.

Also - very soon, there will be news to be adding perhaps on a daily basis as the CMC are going ahead with the Royal Commission Inquiry into DoCS and as you may all be aware, there is normally NO TIME WASTED in getting on with this job!

Keep Kickin' Butt !!!

Legislation Lisa
Cairns - FNQ



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