Press Release: Equal Parenting laws inevitable, says Australian Fathers group

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Australian parenting rights lobby group, Fathers4Equality, states that equal parenting after separation is an inevitable development, simply awaiting an honest government that has the courage and resolve to put the rights of children ahead of political concerns.


Press Release: August 18th, 2004

Equal Parenting laws ?INEVITABLE?, says Australian Fathers group

With overwhelming evidence showing the distinct advantages of joint parenting arrangements to a child?s welfare, and the well documented risks associated with sole-residence arrangements, it is only a matter of time before the government of the day will legislate for the presumption of 50/50 residence?, says Kevin Boers, spokesperson for Fathers4Equality.

Despite numerous Australian polls highlighting the overwhelming community support for equal parenting legislation, the only parties in the forthcoming election that have shown the courage to support legislation aimed at protecting children, instead of the vested interests of lawyers, judges and gender feminists, are:

· The Non-Custodial Parent?s Party
· Family First Party
· One Nation
· Christian Democratic Party

Both the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader, Mark Latham, have betrayed children in the cruellest manner?, says Kevin. They have chosen to ignore the loss and suffering experienced by a growing percentage of Australian children, and instead focus on cheap and misleading vote buying tactics.

Both major parties have failed to address, in any meaningful way, the national disaster? that has befallen the modern Australian family. Children of separated families have become nothing more than the property of one parent, to do with as they please, with little accountability to the other parent or to the child itself.

With the current laws supporting a mother?s right to live where-ever she pleases? (1), without any requirement to provide a reason for relocating with the children, or even to inform the father of the intended move, the question has to be asked: why has a child's natural right to a genuine relationship with both parents been so recklessly ignored by the major political parties??

(1) D and SV [2003] FamCA 280 - CORAM: NICHOLSON CJ, KAY & MONTEITH JJ

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Equal parenting - it's about children and it's about time

Fathers4Equality supports the introduction of a legislated presumption of 50/50 residence, rebuttable if child abuse can be substantiated, or if both parents agree to an alternate agreement.

Fathers4Equality consists of a large number of fathers, mothers, step-parents and grand-parents, who all share the core belief that sole-residence as a preferred model for post-separated families is harmful to children, and deprives decent non-custodial parents (usually fathers) of being a parent in the true sense of the word.

Media Spokesperson:
Kevin Boers,
Phone: +613 9311 4531

Join our Mailing List:

19 Metherall Street,
VIC, 3020



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