PRESS RELEASE: Writ issued against Au Fed Minister for Family & Community Services

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 03/06/2005 - 20:06

A writ has been issued against the Federal Minister for Family & Community Services claiming damages for the maladministration of the MAGILL child support agency account. Documents were served to the Australian Government Solicitor's Office in Canberra today via process server.

Cheryl King

Thu, 2 Jun 2005

Judge John HANLON's County Court decision in favor of Liam MAGILL in November 2002 specifically EXCLUDED the child support payment component

The Child Support Agency have continually refused to refund the many years of crippling child support payments that Liam MAGILL paid for the 2 children that were fathered by DEREK John ROWE who moved to Southport in Queensland last year

In addition to this the CSA have constantly refused to apply the correct numbers to ensure that a true and correct reassessment was made in favor of Liam MAGILL

The Hon Joe Hockey MP has admitted in writing that to make an assessment in favor of Liam Magill, would have resulted in the money having to be refunded

After years of constant petitioning, no one Government entity has been prepared to correct the MAGILL CSA account or take any responsibility for the many years of maladministration

Victorian County Court File no C1-05-01722
Damages List General Division
Writ prepared and filed by Cheryl King ph- 0416 031145



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