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At the 'International Conference With the Resistance', for a Just Peace in the Middle East to be held at Chianciano Terme, Province of Siena, Italy Saturday 24 / Sunday 25 March, 2007

was born in Gaza in 1963. Currently he is assistant professor for political science at the Islamic university of Gaza. He studied in Gaza, Cairo and Bradford, England, where he also graduated. His PhD thesis treat the Israeli settlements in Jerusalem from 1948 to 2002.

is a historic member of the "Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine" (PFLP) and one of its senior leaders.

is a Palestinian and Director of the London-based Institute of Islamic Political Thought. Until 31 March 2006 he was visiting professor at Nagoya University for three months. Prior to that, he was visiting professor at Kyoto University from 1 April to 30 September 2004. He has published several books including: Rachid Ghannouchi, Democrat within Islamism, Oxford University Press, New York, Autumn  2001. He also co-edited Islam and Secularism in the Middle East, Hurst, London and NY Univ Press in New York, Autumn 2000. His most recent book: Hamas Unwritten Chapters has just been published by Hurst, London, 1 November 2006. He writes and lectures on issues related to Islamic political thought and Middle Eastern politics. He is a regular commentator on the Arabic satellite channel Aljazeera and frequently makes appearance on a number of other channels both English and Arabic.

is university professor for Islamic political thought and director of the "Consultative Centre for Studies and Documentation" (CCSD) -- a think tank for the national Islamic movement in Lebanon. The CCSD convened and hosted an international conference of the movement against occupation and war in November 2006 in Beirut’s UNECSO premises. Its quintessence was the global alliance of the anti-imperialist forces including the Islamic as well as the leftist movement.

is a Lebanese intellectual and editor of the prestigious Arab literature magazine "Al Adab". He is author of several books and a PhD graduate from Columbia University in New York. He has been an activist of the left wing anti-imperialist movement and co-founder of several cultural and political associations in support of the Arab liberation struggle. Currently he is involved in the Campaign of Civil Resistance ( ).

is head of the department for international relations of the Lebanese Communist Party, university professor for Economics and researcher in international economic relations and globalization.

is practicing dentist in Amman and leading Pan-arabist activist . He is co-founder of the Jordanian "Socialist Thought Forum" and the "Resistant Arab People's Alliance". He has been arrested several times.

is a senior Shiite cleric whose family had a leading role in the liberation struggle against the British occupation in the 20ies. He is of Arab origin and strongly opposed to Iranian influence and meddling into Iraqi affairs. Like his ancestors he is decidedly fights the US-led occupation and calls to support the Resistance. The Ayatollah has been participating in several initiatives for national unity and against the sectarian strive. Furthermore he is known for his engagement in favour of the poor and downtrodden. For his social and anti-imperialist positions he has been called red Ayatollah and one could draw an analogy between his teachings and the Latin American theology of liberation. According to the many books he wrote, he believes that the struggle against the US occupation is at the same time a struggle for socialism.

Given his strong opposition to the current puppet government and its links with the mainstream Shiite cleric leadership and their fight for control over the holy city of Najaf where also Ayatollah Baghdadi resides he is highly endangered. Thus he cannot leave his house and therefore will intervene by phone in the conference.

is the secretary general of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance (IPA) and a spokesman of the Patriotic National Islamic Front, the political representative of the Iraqi Resistance. He was kidnapped by the US army in September 2004 and kept incommunicado for several months. In December 2005 he was released from US detention. The IPA is a co-sponsor of the Chianciano conference "With the Resistance, for a Just Peace in the Middle East".

holds a PhD in philosophy. Before the occupation he was member of Iraqi parliament, chairman of the High Institute for International Politics and used to be a professor at Baghdad’s University teaching about liberation movements. He is the founder and general secretary of the Iraqi Communist Party (Ittihad Al-Shaab) [People’s Union].

is representing the Organization of Friendship, Peace and Solidarity in Iraq. Currently he is professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa who has been teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses at the department of economics and school of management since 1986. He has a long record of participation in the debate over issues related to his home country Iraq in the last three decade, besides writing extensively on Iraq.

holds a PhD in international journalism writing as well for a wide range of international press outlets including Reuters. He participated in many conferences to defend the rights of Iraqis to resist against occupation. He was  the only journalist who covered the war on Falluja in November 2004 .He published three books, one about international journalism, one on the political parties of Iraq and the last about massacre in Fallujah. He is well known as a politician opposing occupation.

is a doctor graduated from Baghdad university in 1979. He worked as a surgeon in Falluja’s and Abu Guraib’s hospital specially during the time of occupation. He is participating in International Red Cross and the Iraqi Red Croissant activities.

originated from a peasant family and graduated from university with a master degree in history and modern politics. He is one of the historic founders of the National Union of Iraqi Students (NUIS) on November 23, 1961. He participated in the Palestinian Liberation Movement in 1967.  He was imprisoned several times because of his political activities for example in 1961, 1968, 1977 etc. Today he is a member in the Balance Organization for Human Rights, the Union of Iraqi Journalists and the Arab Journalists Union. He is very active against occupation through cultural and press activities. He was obliged to leave his house which has been occupied by the death squads.

is a leader in the Iraqi Communist Party (Central Command) and now a spokesman of the party. He is well known in the Iraqi workers movement.

is a Marxist economist with Egyptian roots and a leading figure of the World Social Forum. Today he is director of the Third World Forum located in Dakar, Senegal. He used to be professor at the universities of Poitiers, Paris and Dakar as well as director of the African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP). He has written more than 30 books including Imperialism & Unequal Development, Specters of Capitalism: A Critique of Current Intellectual Fashions, Obsolescent Capitalism: Contemporary Politics and Global Disorder and The Liberal Virus.

who is a co-director of the International Action Center, is a leader of the movement now in front of the U.S. Capitol demanding that the U.S. Congress stop funding the occupation of Iraq. He was also a founder of Millions for Mumia, which seeks the release of Mumia Abu-Jamal. He twice ran for President of the United States on the Workers World Party (WWP) ticket.

youth representative of the radical anti-imperialist left of Afghanistan

Was the RAI correspondent in Washington and famous for his reports against the Gulf war. He was member of the European parliament for Communist Refoundation.

is today spokesman of the Union of the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy (UCOII) of which for many years he used to be the secretary. He is the most outstanding figure of the Italian Muslim community and victim of a systematic denigration campaign.

is a renown lawyer also for his legal defence of numerous Muslims. He was the lawyer of the Moroccan Daki who was absolved by the judge Forleo ruling that resistance in occupied countries cannot be considered terrorism.

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