Published: Tory Party to Say: No More US Tyranny on England's Families

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 11/10/2004 - 17:46

The soon to be released, ""Tories announce law reform"- details" by another Major Political Party of the so called "free world", the Tory Party, has realized that abuses of it's government's actions against the basic Family Rights of it's citizens is at best counterproductive to the welfare of the nation of the England it's parents, children and families.

11 Oct 2004
Published 10/11/04:


By Ed Ward, MD, MT

It's a concept that is long overdue and was started in Australia by acceptance of basic Family Rights by the Conservative Party leader Prime Minister John Howard with the assistance of Shared Parenting Council of Australia (SPCA). England's Tory Party has seen the error of it's ways in the lack of address of it's citizen's rights via the assistance of Fathers 4 Justice (f4J). Will the major political parties of the government of the greatest document ever composed by mankind regarding basic rights of mankind and limitations of government be the last nation to acknowledge the Right of Families? It appears that US tyranny is not only reserved for the people of other nations, but also it's own people.

Political Parties in Australia and England seem to have come to grips with the fact that basic human Rights may be something voters need for viability of a political party. While a group of vocal fascists with national press exposure are promoting inequality for the "more equal" sake of their equality, women, grandmothers, mothers of grown sons, have felt the injustice of these fascist's propaganda and are becoming wise to the violation of Family Rights via a "more equal" application by "free nation's" governmental abuses of power. What amazes me is the gall of these tyrants to use equality as a bases to deny that same concept. This group of fascists is small in number, but large in national press exposure. The propaganda is attractive to the ear, but repulsive to those equal rights for both genders and comes back to haunt those gullible enough to sacrifice Rights for an attractive sounding, but draconian philosophy.

The oppressed and the 'oppressed to death' salute Australia's Conservative Party, England's Tory Party and the US Libertarian Party that has aligned itself to the Constitution of America in all aspects of Constitutional Rights for The People and return of Constitutional restrictions on the US government without exposure to the American people by the national press.

Worldwide Equality for All with Peace. It's an outcry long overdue from the 'alleged "free nations" political parties.

Ed Ward, MD, MT.



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