(QldGovSpin) $100,000 upgrade for historic kalpowar crossing campground

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One of Cape York's Peninsula's most popular and remote campgrounds - historic Kalpowar Crossing in Lakefield National Park - has received a $100,000 upgrade.

Environment, John Mickel


Environment Minister John Mickel today opened the improved facilities which include a new toilet, major renovation and extension of the existing toilet, showers, barbecue facilities, camping areas, and new commercial tour campsites.

"The new facilities cater for both tour operators and independent four-wheel-drivers, and represent a significant boost to the standard of amenities available to tourists and locals in this important Cape York national park," Mr Mickel said.

"The layout of the campsite has been significantly altered. Improved campground design has allowed for increased capacity at the site without expanding its total area, which was an important consideration for the traditional custodians.

"The tourism industry was involved directly in planning the layout of the site, helping to achieve a design that caters for the larger operator vehicles.

"The campground has long been a gathering place for travellers moving around the peninsula, located at one of the few viable crossings over the Normanby River.

"As visitor numbers have increased, the Queensland Government has raised the standard of camper facilities available at Lakefield National Park.

"We have also invested $29,000 in improved visitor facilities at Red Lily Lagoon to enhance the visitor experience in this beautiful part of the Cape.

"These facilities are the equal of those anywhere else in the State and are a credit to the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, given the remote location and the constraints this places on construction and maintenance activities."

Mr Mickel said Lakefield National Park closed annually for the wet season when facilities were often flooded or inaccessible for up to five months.

"The Kalpowar Camping and Day Use Area was submerged by extensive flooding of the Normanby River last wet season and it's pleasing to see that the entire infrastructure withstood that flood."

Mr Mickel said this year's Environmental Protection Agency budget would cover a number of key initiatives on Cape York Peninsula including:

*$3 million for strategic land acquisitions
*$367,000 for improved visitor facilities at Elliot Falls, Hahn Crossing and Chilli Beach
*More than $219,000 for fire, weed and pest control on the protected estate.

"These investments highlight the Queensland Government's commitment to properly managing and protecting this outstanding region," Mr Mickel said.

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