(QldGovSpin) Amnesty nets 1005 guns so far

Submitted by Editor on Thu, 26/08/2004 - 01:35

The Minister for Police and Corrective Services, Judy Spence, today revealed more than 1000 guns have been surrendered or registered during the first two months of the general firearms amnesty.

Police & Corrective Services, Judy Spence


Ms Spence said 350 guns have been surrendered and a further 655 have been registered onto gun licences.

"This means 1005 guns which police did not previously know about are now either off the streets for good or subject to the strict conditions of a weapons licence," Ms Spence said.

Ms Spence said the aim of the six-month firearms amnesty - which started on July 1 and runs until December 31 - was to encourage the public to hand in or register unlicensed firearms.

"During the amnesty people can surrender illegal, unregistered or unwanted firearms without penalty," Ms Spence said.

"The amnesty also will give people the chance to register an unlicensed firearm onto their weapon's licence, subject to holding the appropriate licence conditions.

"A dedicated hotline has been set up to provide information about the amnesty and already more than 550 callers have taken advantage of this service."

The Firearms Amnesty Information Line 1300 789 440 is operating from 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday.

The amnesty follows the highly successful handgun buyback, which ran from July 1 2003 to June 30 2004, and saw more than 15,785 handguns and 77,552 parts and accessories handed in during the year long buy back.

Ms Spence said during the current six-month amnesty, illegal firearms could be surrendered to any Queensland Police Station anonymously.

"In 1997, when the last general gun amnesty was held in the wake of tough new national gun laws following the Port Arthur massacre, more than 123,632 weapons were handed in," Ms Spence said.

"This included weapons surrendered by private gun owners and firearms dealers who were disposing of stock."

For more information, phone the Firearms Amnesty Information Line 1300 789 440.

Media Contact: Leah Lane 0408 732 491



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