(QldGovSpin) Boyle slaps stop work order on Cairns Courthouse

Submitted by Editor on Thu, 21/10/2004 - 19:40

Environment Minister Desley Boyle has used her powers under the Queensland Heritage Act to stop demolition work on the historic Cairns Courthouse.

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Ms Boyle said she intervened immediately she was advised that work was being undertaken without the necessary approvals and that the owner had ignored a verbal instruction from an Environmental Protection Agency officer to down tools.

"The stop order will prevent any further work on the property for the next eight weeks that could reduce the cultural heritage significance of this tropical landmark," Ms Boyle said.

"During that time the owner must show that any proposed work is consistent with the Heritage Act requirements for heritage listed properties.

"I'm amazed at the new owner's blatant and unprofessional disregard of the EPA officer's order to stop work," Ms Boyle said.

"The Courthouse has a very significant place in Cairns history - a significance enhanced by the fact that Cairns has few heritage buildings.

"When people buy heritage listed properties they also take on a responsibility to maintain the heritage values of their new property.

"The Cairns community values its history and, while it welcomes new investment, it expects investors to respect the city's character and cultural heritage.

"The Cairns Courthouse is described on the Cairns City Heritage Study 1994 and is included on the Register of the National Estate.

"The study specifically states the setting and lines of sight should be protected.

"As Minister I will do everything in my power to ensure that developers meet the fair and reasonable requirements of our heritage laws," Ms Boyle said.

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