(QldGovSpin) Chinese Minister Visits Smart State Exporters

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Beijing: Zhou Wenzhong, Vice-Minister for the Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, made time to spend 30 minutes with Premier Peter Beattie and a large team of Queensland exporters today (Friday) as they prepared to sign six trade agreements.

Premier & Trade, Peter Beattie

Premier & Trade, Peter Beattie


"Mr Zhou, a former ambassador to Australia who is responsible for Americas and Oceania in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, accepted an invitation to an informal meeting before our official reception," said Mr Beattie.

"I met him on several occasions when he was ambassador in Australia from 1998-2001 and I was able to tell him of our progress as Australia's Smart State.

"Today delegates from the trade and investment mission I am leading signed six agreements at the reception.

"China is already Queensland's fifth largest export market and deals like the ones I witnessed today show we are moving from strength to strength with our Chinese neighbours."

Griffith University will export its sports law expertise to China under an agreement signed with China University of Political Science and Law.

"They will jointly develop teaching programs and joint research activities in International Sports Law and co-operation in postgraduate degrees involving International Sports Law courses.

"This agreement is particularly important in the lead up to the Beijing Olympics and a further International Sports Conference is proposed to be held following the Athens Olympics Games Conference in Beijing in November with international keynote speakers from the Athens Conference."

Mr Beattie is leading a 10-day trade and investment mission aimed at strengthening Queensland's market ties and creating new business opportunities in China, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Media contact: Steve Bishop 3224 4500 16 July 2004



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