[QldGovSpin] Clark Urges Queenslanders To Join Week To Remember

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 24/05/2004 - 15:16

Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Policy Liddy Clark today encouraged Queenslanders to take time to be part of National Sorry Day and National Reconciliation Week this month.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Policy, Liddy Clark


Ms Clark will attend a number of Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week activities, including a Sorry Day Commemoration Ceremony on Tuesday, May 25 at King George Square at 6pm, and the National Sorry Day Concert at the Roma Street Parklands at 10am on May 26.

"Next Wednesday (May 26) is National Sorry Day," she said.

"This is an opportunity to remember the many thousands of Australians who were and are part of the Stolen Generation.

"Five generations of children were forcibly removed from their families. They have suffered heartbreak, loneliness and despair.

"They have suffered physical and mental costs, the loss of language, culture and homeland. Queenslanders need to reflect on this sad part of our country's history.

"The Beattie Government offered a full apology to the Stolen Generation five years ago. That apology remains as sincere today.

"May 27 is also the start of National Reconciliation Week, a time to move forward and a time to get involved," Ms Clark said.

"It is time for all Queenslanders, whether Indigenous or non-Indigenous, to learn from each other and progress a true reconciliation.

"It is time to celebrate our wonderful blend of backgrounds, traditions and cultures and to take that forward into a strong future."

Ms Clark said the Beattie Government remained committed to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Queenslanders to improve social, health and economic outcomes throughout the State.

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