(QldGovSpin) High-tech protection for Barron river bridge, Cairns

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 06/08/2004 - 18:43

Transport and Main Roads Minister Paul Lucas said a high-tech rust protection system will help to extend the life of the Barron River Bridge in Cairns.

Transport & Main Roads, Paul Lucas


Mr Lucas said the system used different metals and an electrical current to prevent rust in the reinforcing steel and prolong the bridge's life.

"This work will ensure the bridge on the Captain Cook Highway remains structurally sound and safe for many years to come," Mr Lucas said.

"Significant preventive maintenance is being carried out on the southbound bridge over the Barron River. The project will reinforce the concrete piers by preventing corrosion.

"This is a safe and proven method of corrosion protection that involves drilling into the concrete piers and placing metal such as titanium, which doesn't rust, into the piers.

"This metal, which acts as an anode or positively charged electrode - together with the existing steel, which acts as a negatively charged electrode - will then be connected to a controlled voltage source.

"This process reverses the rusting process, preventing further corrosion of the reinforcing steel."

Member for Barron River Lesley Clark said the work would have minimal impact on road users with two lanes open to traffic most of the time including peak hours.

"The Beattie government has awarded a $501,600 contract to Savcor Art Pty Ltd for the work which is expected to be completed by Christmas 2004," Dr Clark said.

"Occasional single-lane closures may occur outside peak hours and I ask motorists to be patient during these times."

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