(QldGovSpin) New laws target criminals' media profits

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 29/09/2004 - 18:14

Queensland law enforcement agencies will be given new powers to restrain any benefits received by criminals who sell their stories to the media.

Attorney-General & Justice, Rod Welford


Acting Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Anna Bligh, said new laws would create a disincentive for criminals to sell stories about their illegal activities to the media.

"These powers will enable law enforcement agencies to ask the Supreme Court to freeze profits made by suspected criminals from selling their stories to media," Ms Bligh said.

"This will reduce the incentive for offenders who think they can make a fast buck out of telling a story about the misery they have caused others.

"Law enforcement agencies will be able to make an application to the Court to 'freeze' any money or property the alleged offender has received from the media.

"The Court will be asked to rule that these payments are 'tainted property'.

"These new powers give our law enforcement agencies an important new tool which further strengthens our criminal justice process.

"It is part of the Beattie Government's commitment to make our communities safer and deter criminal behaviour by removing the proceeds of crime."

Ms Bligh said the changes to the law were contained in the Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2004, introduced into Parliament today.

The Bill contains minor or technical amendments to 41 statutes and these include:

* A change to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 2003 to include a time restriction which will limit people to legally change their names only once a year.

* An amendment to the Bail Act to require courts to take into account the views of the local indigenous community in any decision to release a person back into that community.

* A change to the Supreme Court Act 1995 requiring courts to no longer discount wrongful death damages payments on the basis that the surviving spouse has good prospects of beginning a new relationship.

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