(QldGovSpin) Pitt announces $4.6m funding for early intervention services

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The Beattie Government has approved more than $4.6 million over the next three years for two projects to support families and at-risk children and young people, Minister for Communities, Disabilities and Seniors Warren Pitt announced today.

Communities & Disability Services, Warren Pitt


Mr Pitt said the funding was approved by the Governor-in-Council this week.

The funding has been allocated to the Australian Red Cross Children's Service's Under 8s Program and Mission Australia's Project Circuit Breaker.

"The Australian Red Cross will receive $797,407 a year over three years for its program that provides early intervention services to families with young children under eight that are at risk," Mr Pitt said.

"The program is provided across Brisbane North, Warwick and Townsville and works with families where there are significant indicators of possible abuse, neglect or an inability to cope with parenting responsibilities."

Mr Pitt said the ability of the Australian Red Cross program to offer brokerage to specialist services was an important component of the program.

Mission Australia will receive $765,000 a year for three years for its Project Circuit Breaker, which operates in Brisbane's northern suburbs.

"Project Circuit Breaker provides a mobile intervention and prevention service for children aged between 10 and 16," Mr Pitt said.

"It aims to enhance family functioning, improve family connectedness and, by doing that, reduce the involvement of and need for statutory intervention by the Government."

Mr Pitt said both projects were initially funded as trial projects under the State Government's Queensland Families: Future Directions initiative.

"Both of these projects have succeeded in their trial stages, and this funding now progresses them to the pilot phase," he said.

"The Queensland Government committed $14.9 million in 2002-03 to set up a series of such trial projects under the Future Directions initiative.

"We continued this commitment in the 2004-05 Budget with an additional $10 million to progress early intervention and prevention initiatives, such as these two projects, to the pilot phase.

"The funding reinforces and builds on the Government's increasing focus on supporting families as a strategy to protect children and young people from harm."

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