(QldGovSpin) Reynolds receives unanimous support for a National Child Protection Strategy

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Queensland's Child Safety Minister Mike Reynolds said from Hobart today that he was absolutely delighted that he had received unanimous support from the eight States and Territories and the Commonwealth for a national child protection strategy to be developed.

(Kens Comment) : Statements without references from genuine, research and quoted sources as proof of validity is known as sedition, causing fear in the population. As I have said before Beattie is the product of a broken home, has not improved the male teachers (He is an ex-teacher) lot at all and now wants to inflict his narcistic/munchausen theories on the rest of Australia.
Queensland! Wake up or the children will pay for these servants maniac activities

Child Safety, Mike Reynolds


The Ministerial Council Meeting, which addresses human services issues, endorsed a new dialogue between the State and Territories and the Commonwealth to examine a national approach to protecting Australia's most vulnerable children.

"This is a tremendous breakthrough to have all levels of government in Australia committed to a national approach which will lead to the identification of gaps in service delivery and will also identify the overlaps and duplication in services being offered by the Commonwealth, States and Territories," Mr Reynolds said.

"The importance of this agreement is reflected by the fact that every State and Territory is enhancing its child protection system and the Commonwealth Government has now agreed to work with us to better plan and co-ordinate services"

Mr Reynolds said that the Commonwealth Government has agreed that any new Commonwealth prevention and early intervention initiatives would complement those child protection initiatives of the States and Territories.

"There is clear recognition that States and Territories are primarily responsible for therapy which is the tertiary stage of dealing with child abuse.

"In the same way the Commonwealth has now agreed that there is a dual responsibility between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories for both the primary and secondary stages of any child abuse strategy, namely prevention and early intervention initiatives.

"This will clearly enhance in future years the initiatives that are being implemented by the Department of Child Safety."

Mr Reynolds said that he was requested by Families Australia and other delegates at the Child Abuse Summit held in Canberra on 18 June this year to take the request for a national strategy to this Ministerial Council Meeting.

"This endorsement will be welcomed by all stakeholders as it will lead to enhanced Commonwealth-State outcomes for the most vulnerable children across our nation."

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