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Bangkok: Premier Peter Beattie today congratulated VoicePerfect on the launch of a test program for its speech recognition software at Bumrungrad Hospital in Thailand.
Premier & Trade, Peter Beattie


"VoicePerfect, a Smart State company, originally developed its PathSpeak voice recognition technology for the health industry in conjunction with Queensland Health Pathology and Scientific Services," said Mr Beattie.

With its use in hospitals in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia, PathSpeak has become a valuable diagnostic tool that enables pathologists to create diagnoses and reports simply by speaking.

These reports are automatically entered directly into the active laboratory information management system, allowing patients to be treated immediately instead of having to wait for written reports.

"VoicePerfect is exactly the kind of company we have been trying to encourage with our Smart State strategy," said Mr Beattie.

"It has developed new technology and has pushed hard to find new export markets, bringing in export dollars and creating more jobs.

"Its success has resulted in the company continuing to grow, with a lease signed last week to double its office space in Queensland.

"If VoicePerfect is successful, this will be the first use of speech recognition software in a Thailand hospital."

VoicePerfect believes that with the potential for about 400 doctors to use the technology at Bumrungrad Hospital, word will spread throughout the country's hospital system and a large number of orders will result.

Greg Findlay, export manager for VoicePerfect, is thrilled by the company's achievements.

"During the past 12 months we have opened up two new offices, significantly increased exports to the United Kingdom and for the first time, we are beginning to export to South East Asia," Mr Findlay said.

"None of this would have been possible without the Queensland Government's Smart State strategy or its export advice.

"The Queensland Government has shown us tremendous support through access to technology and information, export advice and market research, and most importantly, trade missions, one of which has resulted in our biggest project to date in New Zealand."

During the next 12 months, VoicePerfect plans to continue to increase export earnings and penetrate new markets with the help of the Queensland Government.

PathSpeak is customised for several accents of English, including American, Australian, Indian and Asian.

Mr Beattie is leading a 10-day Queensland Government Trade and Investment Mission of China, Hong Kong and Thailand.

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