(QldGovSpin) Southern Skies To Stage Events Under China's Golden Stars

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Beijing: Premier Peter Beattie is congratulating Brisbane Boys College for exporting its highly-successful Southern Skies Events, an international youth games concept, to China.

Premier & Trade, Peter Beattie


"I witnessed the signing of an agreement today between Peter Armstrong, director of Southern Skies Events, and Beijing International Sports Exchange Centre to stage an international youth event in China next year," said Mr Beattie.

"They will present the first annual China Stars International Friendship Games in Beijing in August 2005.

"The inaugural sport targeted will be soccer with future expansion of the event taking place at a controlled rate. There is also scope for specialist coaching programs to fall under this program.

"It is estimated that over the initial first five years income generated for the Queensland economy will be about $400,000.

"I congratulate Southern Skies Events for taking this concept to China. Not only will it spread international friendship but it will create export dollars for Queensland."

Now in its seventh year, the Southern Skies events feature rugby, soccer, cricket, tennis, rowing and water polo and has hosted hundreds of teams from countries such as New Zealand, South Africa, England, Northern Ireland, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, Japan, Wales and Botswana.

Initial contact with Beijing International Sports Exchange Centre was made through Hockey Queensland, an endorsement partner of Southern Skies Events.

The Beijing International Sports Exchange Centre is the independent organisation looking after international co-operation in sports for the Beijing Government.

Southern Skies Events was a finalist in the 2003 Australian Sport Awards in the category of Sports Tourism.

The agreement was signed by Peter Armstrong, Director, Southern Skies Events, and Madam Zhang Yaorong, Director, Beijing International Sports Exchange Centre.

Media contact: Steve Bishop 3224 4500 16 July 2004.



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