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Police Minister Judy Spence leaves tomorrow on a two-week trip to the USA and the United Kingdom, where she will be briefed on the latest in global counter terrorism techniques, tools and strategies.

Minister for Police & Corrective Services
The Honourable Judy Spence


Ms Spence will represent Australia at the GovSec US Law Enforcement Conference and Expo, which is the premier homelands security conference in the US.

Both Ms Spence and Queensland's Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson will speak at the two day conference, which will focus on the latest innovations in integrated, leading-edge strategies to protect people, infrastructure and critical assets against terrorism.

"On Wednesday April 26 I will join speakers from Britain and Northern Ireland to provide an international perspective on counter terrorism investigations," Ms Spence said.

"They will talk about the counter-terrorism techniques used in the London bus and subway bombings, and those employed by authorities in Northern Ireland.

"I'll be speaking about the Queensland and Australian experience - such as the work by Queensland Police Service officers after the 2002 Bali bombings, where officers helped in the disaster victim identification process.

"I'll also be speaking about the lessons learned from the bomb threat last year in Brisbane, which shut down our public transport system on two occasions in the one day."

Ms Spence said she also planned to speak of the arrangements put in place to facilitate the transfer of prisoners on terrorism charges between states to minimise the risk of escape.

During the trip Ms Spence and Commissioner Atkinson will inspect the Charleston Harbour Operations Centre in South Carolina - better known as Project Seahawk.

"This centre was created as a unique benchmark project to enhance the protection, security and infrastructure of seaports nationally," Ms Spence said.

They will also attend a presentation from Scotland Yard on the UK terrorist investigations, and inspect the CCTV Operations Centre which manages the most-visited tourist regions in London.

"We live in a world where crime knows no boundaries and terrorism is making an ugly mark in many corners of the globe," Ms Spence said.

"One of our best defences is to keep our options open in terms of how we can increase the community's safety and security. This trip will be an important information-gathering exercise that will assist in our ongoing work to prevent and combat the terrorist threat."

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