(QldGovSpin) Surat Basin's vast coal resources on show to the world

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Queensland will showcase its vast untapped Surat Basin coal resources at the World Energy Congress in Sydney this week, Mines Minister Stephen Robertson said today.

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The World Energy Congress (5-9 Sept) is being held for the first time in Australia with more than 3,000 international delegates attending to learn more about Australia's energy resources.

"The Congress provides an ideal opportunity for Queensland to showcase to the world its investment potential, its vast coal resources, our emerging coal seam gas industry and our advances in low emissions technology," Mr Robertson said.

"Queensland has a major display at the Australian Pavilion and will be promoting the many investment opportunities offered by our growing mining and energy sectors."

Mr Robertson said the untapped coal resources of the Surat Basin would be a feature of Queensland's display at the Congress.

"The Surat Energy Resources Province stretches from Dalby up to Wandoan and has vast untapped resources of greenhouse-friendly thermal coal."

"To date, we have identified up to 4 billion tonnes of coal, to a shallow depth of only 80 metres, which is ideally suited for low emissions power generation."

"Global demand for Queensland coal continues to increase dramatically and this greenhouse-friendly Surat Basin coal will be of great interest to international energy companies."

"Thermal coal from the Surat Basin is greenhouse-friendly because it has lower nitrogen and sulphur content and a lower carbon dioxide output per unit of energy generated, due to its very low carbon and very high volatile content."

"Development of the Surat Energy Resources Province is a key priority of the Beattie Government because of the export potential of these resources," he said.

Mr Robertson said the Queensland Display at the World Energy Congress would also feature a computer-based 3D virtual fly-through of the Surat Energy Resources Province.

"This software package is one of only a few types of virtual 3D fly-through technology being operated in Australia."

"It will enable clients to 'fly over' the possible rail corridors and visit towns, coal mines, coal deposits and coal seam gas operations without having to leave the comfort of their chairs," Mr Robertson said.

"Flying over the Surat Basin, you can see the huge amount of resources which, if responsibly developed, have the potential to contribute to the maintenance of a healthy and sustainable Queensland economy for many years to come."

Mr Robertson said three million tonnes of Surat Basin thermal coal are already being exported to Asia and the rest of the world through the Port of Brisbane every year.

"At Taroom, feasibility studies have been completed that show up to four million tonnes of saleable open pit thermal coal could be produced from here each year."

"The catalyst for the next stage of development of the Surat Energy Resources Province is a high-capacity rail line between the vast Wandoan coal deposits to the existing rail line at Moura.

"This will enable coal from the northern and central Surat regions to be exported through the Port of Gladstone to world customers," he said.




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