(QldGovSpin) Top coach to wade through north Qld pool of talent

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 06/08/2004 - 23:28

One of Australia's best swimming coaches can be found at pools throughout North Queensland this month as he works with some of the region's best young talent.

Deputy Premier, Treasurer & Sport, Terry Mackenroth


The Deputy Premier and Minister for Sport, Mr Terry Mackenroth, said Michael Piper's visits were part of an exciting new partnership between the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) and Queensland Swimming.

He said the partnership was formed to strengthen the development of potentially elite swimmers in regional Queensland.

"Michael Piper is a leader in his coaching field," Mr Mackenroth said.

"On behalf of the Queensland Swimming Association and as the newly appointed QAS Regional Swimming Co-ordinator, he will visit Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and Mossman swimmers and their coaches this month.

"Mr Piper has already had successful visits to Bundaberg and Rockhampton where he has reviewed a number of swimmers' techniques and programs and looked at opportunities in which the QAS and Queensland Swimming can provide support.

"He brings with him more than 16 years of national level coaching experience which has included coaching former 200m breaststroke world record holder Rebecca Brown.

"He plans to travel throughout regional Queensland, reviewing training programs and swimming techniques and offering support and advice for advancing swimmers to the next level."

Mr Mackenroth said as the swimmers progressed in their programs, they had the potential to become a member of the Queensland Swimming Development Program and eventually land a national level placement as a QAS scholarship holder.

"I believe it is important to identify the potential that our regional swimmers actually have and provide the guidance and support needed to progress their training," he said.

"Queensland is renowned for producing some of Australia's greatest swimmers, such as Grant Hackett, Samantha Riley, Susie O'Neill and Kieren Perkins.

"By tapping into our regional parts of Queensland more closely, our proud tradition could continue for many years to come.

"Many Australian Olympic swimmers have started their careers in regional Queensland and this new partnership could discover more top swimmers and ensure Queensland's pool of swimming talent remains strong."

Michael Piper's schedule:

* Monday 9 August, Mossman Caravan Park & Pool, 5-7am and 4-6pm
* Tuesday 10 August, Mossman Caravan Park & Pool, 5-7am

* Tuesday 10 August, Saint Augustine's Pool, 4-6pm
* Wednesday 11 August, Saint Augustine's Pool, 5-7am

* Wednesday 11 August, Long Tan Pool, 4-6pm
* Thursday 12 August, Long Tan Pool, 5-7am

* Thursday 12 August, Mackay Memorial Pool, 4-6pm
* Friday 13 August, Mackay Memorial Pool, 5-7am and 4-6pm
* Saturday 14 August, Mackay Memorial Pool, 9am - 3pm (clinic)

Further enquiries: (07) 3224 6900



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