QldGovSpin: Why Does Bronwyn Bishop Rely On Scott Balson?

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 13/08/2004 - 01:30

Premier Peter Beattie is asking why Federal Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop is relying on former One Nation webmaster Scott Balson for the full chronology of the Heiner Affair in her report published by the House of Representatives.

Premier & Trade, Peter Beattie


"Her report on the Heiner Affair is a party political attack delivered by a committee of six Liberals and which directs readers to Mr Balson's website for the full chronology," said Mr Beattie.

"Her report spends only four pages on an 'overview of events'. It says that a full chronology is available elsewhere and directs readers to www.gwb.com.au/gmb/news/goss/history99.doc."

In www.gwb.com.au/gwb/news/goss Mr Balson says he has been targeted by the State Government for hosting this site since 1996.

In a section of this website which contains an article on Mr Balson's book "Inside One Nation", Mr Balson says he held a 'key position' with One Nation. This section also says: "He has unravelled the Liberal Party links with One Nation."

Contact: Steve Bishop 3224 4500



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