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Environment, Local Government, Planning and Women's Minister, Desley Boyle has launched several key initiatives at the Local Government Association of Queensland annual conference in Mackay.

Kens Comment: If the so called "World Terrorist Experts" can make so many blundering mistakes then what can we expect when local councils armed with "Beattie kits" start a campain to "eradicate terrorists", council pest exterminators for mossies spraying with one hand and terrorising the householder with a gun in the other hand?This MP is also the Womens Minister - in the middle of a gender war! GET REAL

Local Government & Planning, Desley Boyle


Ms Boyle launched a number of State Government initiatives, including the Local Government Counter-terrorism Risk Management Kit and a Discussion Paper aimed at determining State Government funding for Local Government for the decade ahead.

She said the Local Government Counter-terrorism Risk Management Kit was the result of a joint effort between the Queensland Government and the Local Government Association of Queensland.

Ms Boyle said: "All levels of Government must be committed to optimising security and protective arrangements and preserving the safety of their communities."

"This kit will be a vital tool for local governments and will help them incorporate counter-terrorism issues into their disaster management plans."

Ms Boyle said the Local Government Infrastructure Grant and Subsidy Discussion Paper would be of particular interest to councils.

"We'll review existing funding programs to ensure that State Government assistance remains targeted to the current and future needs of councils.

"We need to ensure councils are appropriately funded so they can continue to meet the requirements of their communities over the coming years.

"I strongly encourage councils to participate in the review and provide their views and feedback on the questions posed in the discussion paper."

Ms Boyle said the LGAQ annual conference was always a great opportunity to hear about the real issues that concern Queensland's councils.

The LGAQ annual conference is being held at the Mackay Entertainment Centre from 30 August - 2 September 2004.

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