Quackbuster Citadel Crumbling - They Face Massive Litigation...

Submitted by Tim Bolen on Thu, 04/01/2007 - 12:38

- by Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

Sunday, December 31st, 2006 - The conventional healthcare system in the US, rated 72nd in quality but first in cost by the World Health Organization, (WHO) and declared in the authoritative study "Death by Medicine" to be the number one killer of Americans is finally beginning to suffer the consequences of its policies.

Americans are challenging, not just the concept of "five minute medicine," but the absurdity of the "drugs, drugs, and more drugs," approach to dealing with health issues.

Everywhere in the land, the health care system is being challenged. State legislatures, like California and others, are so fed up with the greedy-maw-with-trash-offering of organized health-care, that many are considering forcing health care into State-run systems, in an attempt to force some honesty and integrity into the morass. Consumer groups across America are railing over health issues, loudly, proclaiming their anger at vaccinations infested with pollutants and toxins, deadly radioactive fluoride in their water, testing of their children in schools to justify forced drugging, and more.

There is a major revolution brewing in the US, and the pot is at boil. There is no question America is angry - and well it should be, for the rip-off has been of major proportion, and its time to point fingers and issue arrest warrants.

One of the more despicable facets of the conventional health care system is the New York ad agency run "quackbuster" scheme, designed to vilify America's emerging health care leaders - those offering new paradigms. For years the New York ad agency's "black-ops" division, whose obvious front-man de-licensed MD Stephen Barrett, operating out of his Allentown, Pennsylvania basement, railed against "alternative medicine," or anything competing for health dollars against the "drugs, drugs, and more drugs" offering.

But, the quackbuster operation is about to face a massive assault, and it is STARTING with this simple lawsuit in Pennsylvania...

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Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate


This "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter" is a NON-COMMERCIAL email newsletter about the politics of “Health Care” on Planet Earth. It talks about the raging battle between the forces of "Health” and “Medicine." In the US, the ultra-expensive “Medical System” has failed. It is the NUMBER ONE killer of Americans – ahead of heart disease and cancer. That failing system protects itself, and attacks its critics viciously. But, there are literally, "Millions" of people forcing change on that system.
This newsletter is about all of that. Tim Bolen is an op/ed writer with extensive knowledge, and contacts, on this subject.

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