Ready to Scream

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 26/06/2007 - 02:28

Well anonymous, your blog made some interesting reading. I am glad that you have made the decision to get out. I suspect that you will feel more comfortable with that as time goes by. I understand that there are some people who go into that area of public service with the best of intention but I also suspect that a great many don’t. Let me explain.

A number of years back, I took a degree in Social Science (one of three degrees that I currently hold, along with various other diploma’s and certificates). Part of that degree involved the counselling and psych elements. On the first night, the lecturer ask each one of us why we were doing the course. Of the 70 odd people in my cohort, only two or three said that they were doing it for reasons other than to resolve some past issue in their lives. My reason was that I had to do counselling in-order to get my degree. When I said that I did not want to get into counselling, I said that I did not need other people’s problems, as I had enough of my own thank-you very much. That comment caused a number of raised eyebrows!

I suspect that the same thing applies in DOCS. Too many are using DOCS and it’s process to resolve their own personal past issues whilst others, as you point out, become power and control freaks.

In my view, problem with DOCS is compounded by three major things. Firstly the environment. Working with kids is never easy, (I am a teacher). Working in a highly charged and atmosphere with claims and counter claims and conflicting interests never is. Secondly, the act (1999) is sufficiently vague, (using words like reasonable, and honest – the question is, who decides what is reasonable or who is honest). Couple this with little or no personal accountability and transparency (at least in the eyes of the public) and it it a train wreck waiting to happen. Thirdly, CS reps seem to come across as advocates rather than investigators. Immediately their neutrality is compromised, along with their credibility.

I have just been down to the Strathpine office. Apparently I have a son who has been inappropriately touching my intellectually impaired daughter (somebody has picked up on something). The interview with my daughter we not done by anybody who seemed trained in dealing with her disability – they asked leading questions, poorly phrased – and my daughters understanding is very limited. In-fact, if she doesn’t understand, she will often give you the answer that she thinks you want. Very dangerous in this situation. When I pointed this out, the comment from the lady was that you have to “believe” the comment (That heard that approach before in my counselling course). When I questioned that, I was told that I disbelieved my daughter over my son. She could not get the fact that I was not questioning my daughter, but I was questioning their process and understanding of what she is supposed to have said. As for my son, he is the most conservative level headed kid I know. His first response when he heard the allegation was, “lets go down to the department and we’ll sought it out”. He was sure that he had nothing to hide.

So far, we have had the usual threats, my daughter was nearly taken away, and my son has had to move out of home (he thought that my daughter would be hurt psychologically if she was taken away from her familiar surroundings). This saga is on going.

My point is this. If a worker sees things going on in their place of employment, then they MUST TAKE ACTION if things are to change. It may come at a personal and financial cost, and may cost your home, (I know - it happen to me about twenty years ago, and we will never own our own home again, but at least I can sleep at night knowing I did the right thing). To coin a phrase, fear is not an option, as fear is what supports the system and it’s leaches. Those who choose to go along with the system need to be held individually, corporately, personally and financially accountable for their actions.

If the judicial system does not provide a remedy, then perhaps we need to look at the court of public opinion, by naming and shaming these characters though the internet, similar to the sites which expose sexual predators in the USA – which is what I intend to do – hey, maybe I’ve found a new calling in life.

As for you, you are out, and perhaps you can now sleep at night

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Is Strathpine at it again?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 27/06/2007 - 14:11.

It gets worse, DOCS tell you that you have to go and see S.A.C.S. (Sexual Abuse Counselling Service) because your daughter is missing her brother. Its usually the case where they say that the child is missing her mummy or daddy. So they decide to send you with your children to S.A.C.S. thinking that they are trying to help you but they are not. This S.A.C.S. does nothing but abuse children, they are a disgrace to the name counselling. They will sit your children down and tell them to draw pretty pictures with plenty of colours but most of them are dark colours and lots of black. It does not give your child much opportunity to draw a nice colourful picture. They will ask your child over 100 questions if not more on a myriad of subjects. They also ask the children and yourself about your family and ask your children if mummy sees her brothers and sisters often, they will ask your child private sexual questions where if they answer either way the child is incriminating itself. The Park Road gestapo office uses one way mirrors and other devices to get evidence needed. Do not listen to their lies, do not trust them, they are not your friends and they report to big brother DOCS, who then report to the bigger brother JAB, yes the police. Again, they are disgusting, they are a disgrace to the word counselling. It is nothing and as the police call it (a friend in the police force told me) they call it trawling, its a fishing exercise to extract any information from your children to get a conviction. Do not trust that bit of rubbish they give you to read that says different. Now, as for leading holy hell, you are now the fifth person that has mentioned that magic word, leading the witness. This is the reason why I hate DOCS is because of their outrageous lies. For those who do not understand what leading means, I will give you a simple example. Some kids are chucking burnouts in their car, the police come and interview a 10 year old child that saw it, they ask the child what was the colour of the car? the child says I do not know, but the police or in this case the DOCS worker says to the child, was the car red? like the one next door that just happens to have wide wheels on it, the child says I am not sure but the Police ask again are you sure it was a car that was similar like the red one next door. The child answers, it might have been. Now the next question is and this is typical what happens the police will say was it the red car next door that chucked a burnout? By now the child is completely confused and says yes. The first thing they do is confuse a child, the next thing they do is ask a leading question. They are pathetic. Any DOCS CSO or team leader that deliberately asks leading questions to a child must be instantly dismissed as this is totally unacceptable and trust me the truth does come out when it goes to court. Watch your back, don't trust any of them, I have become a semi expert with them and know all their dirty pathetic tactics. Spend some time on the internet and reading the government websites plus any other site related to these matters and it will give you valuable information. Strathpine hey? I wonder which one it was because I have two good names that will be put in the dirt basket from that office.
Keep fighting, we will get our revenge one day against this plague and they will be bought to justice. If they could only tell the truth, thats all I ask.



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